Friday, November 08, 2019

Holy Cow! I came across these pictures the other day of my appearance at the San Diego Comic Con in August of 1998. Where does the time go? Someone actually made a 3-D version of my book cover for the event and it looks like I am signing a rare hardcover edition of the first printing of The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass: A Portfolio, in the first photo. The Mad Monster Party soundtrack CD was released there and I brought some over to Phyllis Diller. It was great meeting the guys from Adam 12, who weren't far from my booth. I wish I had talked to Martin about Route 66, which I became a bigger fan of later. I signed a lot of books there! #sandiegocomiccon #rankinbassproductions #flashbackfriday

We dedicated the book to my late friend Maury Laws

We also dedicated it to my late friend Bradley Bolke, June Foray, Thomas Frederick, Pat Owsley, Greg Ehrbar, etc.

Another favorite!

One of my favorite statues in my collection of an old friend

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Thursday practice

A storyboard for The Mouse on the Mayflower by I believe Steve Nakagawa

Another busy day in November!

 I set up a return appearance to Scott's Vintage Antiques and Collectibles in North Aurora for December 15th at 3 pm until 5 pm!   I will bring all of my Rankin/Bass goodies and The Starving Artists for some music indoors this time!   It has been a few years since we appeared at Scott's, so it should be fun!  Butch Patrick recently appeared there and had lots of fun!
 I am doing a radio interview with Jim Tofte Tuesday November 12th.  I believe it will air later on   I will post when it airs in North Las Vegas, Nevada on Summit Media, Inc.

I am doing an interview with my friend Mark Arnold for his Fun Ideas Podcast to air around December 4th!   I am doing the interview Monday  November 11th.

Wednesday, November 06, 2019


Yes Mom, Rick found the rest of his Thanksgiving decorations!

I had a Thanksgiving feast at Portillo's Wednesday!

The 40th Anniversary of Rankin/Bass' Jack Frost is on December 13th, 2019!

I am going to be appearing at The Comedy Shrine December 19th at 7 pm!

 This event will feature a presentation by me for Christmas, including some rare clips, music, questions and answers, etc.   Tickets are $10.  The admission also allows you to peruse the fantastic museum (Sample picture below).  Rankin/Bass Productions Produced The Mad, Mad, Mad Comedians and worked with some of the great comedians of all-time!   I will have my regular table of Rankin/Bass items at the event and do a book signing as well!

More Enchanting photos from my trip to Rosebud on Monday!

I always have to hit my favorite Texas Roadhouse on the site of the Marx Brothers chicken farm!

Love November!

My dear friend Gena Rositano sent me the costume my Dad bought me in 1969! My first Halloween costume in the exact same box!

I upgraded my Munsters collection today!