Friday, August 04, 2017

The Starving Artists by Paul Coker, Jr.

Today we are mixing music with Rankin/Bass!  As I was packing up stuff I realized, oh yeah!  There is a music and Rankin/Bass piece that Rankin/Bass designer Paul Coker Jr.  did of us around 2003.  He captured me as a Rickenbacker 12 string player with a butch haircut looking like a singing chipmunk 🤣 My sister Lindsey joined us on tambourine and vocals at the time and Tom Margaritas played a lightning fast Fender Guitars.  Love it!

The Ventures

Sunday, July 30, 2017

June Foray Donovan

Celebrating Christmas in July with everyone's favorite Reindeer....Scratcher!


Lost in Space

The Monkees logo designed by Nick LoBianco

Artist Nick LoBianco

I wonder how many people know that Nick LoBianco designed the cool Monkees logo?  He also did the art for The Monkees lunch box and other cool lunch boxes like Lost in Space, Family Affair, The Brady Bunch and more.  He was the ghost artist hired by Schulz for post 1966 Peanuts merchandise.  He hired my late friend Jack Davis and artist Wally Wood to do the art on their famous lunch boxes too. #nicklobianco #themonkees #lunchboxes #michaelnesmith #mickydolenz #petertork #davyjones #lostinspace #alladin #thermos

Hamm's the beer of sky blue water!


Chiller Theatre



Saturday 🌞