Friday, October 28, 2022

I reached a Professor Hinkle level of busy today! Packing mail, car and signed 3 Contracts 🎃 #Halloween #rankinbassproductionsofficial #Christmas

Tomorrow! packing car and getting bombarded by orders!!!!!

I pull out my Green Ghost game at Halloween!


Here is another Obit I assisted with! Rich took the time to make sure the info was correct.....

🎃 Halloween 🎃 shirts arrive! I will have tomorrow at the All-night Wheaton Haunted Flea Market and in my Etsy shop later tonight! #Halloween #Madmonsterparty #JackDavis




These two will be with me Saturday! 

I have been off the charts busy this week, with the passing of Jules....

Busy day today!  Look for a nice article on Jules in the New York Times to most likely be published online tonight (I will share) and then in the newspaper over the weekend.   I think this may be the best researched to date.  I assisted with Children’s & Family Awards The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences tonight!  They want to honor Jules in December (I suggested Paul Coker, Jr. too).  NPR had me on the radio Wednesday night (Clips from older interviews I did).  The CBC radio show "As it happens" wants to have me on their show soon.  Juggling all sorts of other things here too!  I am expecting the Jack Davis Mad Monster Party shirts to arrive by Saturday.   I will be at the Wheaton All-Night Flea Market at 3 pm Saturday until around 1:30 am or so!   Come on out!  Oh yeah, may be appearing at HOLLYWOOD BLVD. in December.  I will post details. My Rankin/Bass Holiday display goes up at the Orland Park Public Library for the 3rd year in early November too!