Saturday, June 17, 2023

Hanna-Barbera's Frankenstein Jr.


I mailed a box of these today! Keep the orders coming....more due in this week! The NEW Mad Monster Party blu ray has really brought attention to Rankin/Bass Productions!


Rick Goldschmidt - Svengoolie Interview - October 18 2014

RANKIN/BASS' MAD MONSTER PARTY Hardcover book with Author Rick Goldschmi...

The 7 Dwarves


Mad Monster Party

Rudolph hardcover books are In-stock! You can order directly from link below. Email with personalization requests!  wait 60 seconds or so for page to load!

You can finally order yours online today! Just click link below!

Thanks for ordering the NEW blu ray from UMBRELLA! More Mad Monster Party hardcover books due in early next week! Order with link below! (Please wait 60 seconds or so for page to load)  

Friday, June 16, 2023

Father's day yard work

Another great one by my friend Mark Christiansen ! It was supposed to be a Ward series, but ended up a series of commercials (dvd in my etsy shop). Now if only Quaker Oats would hire Mark for the current cereal boxes (which have lost their way artistically)! QO did do some nice retro cereal boxes about 8 years ago! #Captaincrunch #Crunchberries #Peanutbuttercrunch #Quakeroats #Jayward

Superman George Reeves died 06-16-1959

Mattel thingmaker

The Monkees at Midway airport (not far from home)

The Munsters

Happy Birthday to Stan!

It's Christmas around here all of the time!

Wednesday, June 14, 2023


Happy Burl Ives" Birthday!

John Romita Sr. R.I.P.

The 1st perfect Rankin/Bass blu ray arrives!

Wow! 🎃 It took me all of Tuesday night to go through everything 😁 It sure beats many of the horrendous Rankin/Bass blu rays and dvds released in recent years (with a few exceptions: The Daydreamer, The Year Without a Santa Claus).  It literally takes hours to go through the extras! If you were lucky enough to get a deluxe package, you tripled your investment already 😁 I forgot I did an introduction for the wonderful "It" (King Kong) bonus feature!  You get to the Easter egg from the main menu by navigating to the left...and clicking on Matt Pott's skull head!  The film looks great and Francesca's "Yeah!" at the end of the film, returns in a big way!  I forgot to talk about Frank Frazetta's contributions in the commentary, but I do talk about it in my book.  Love that they put his half sheet poster design on the poster and the disc. The Rankin/Bass trailer gallery was longer than what I was expecting and very cool (I have a few more we could have added)!  The still gallery now has music and moves automatically, which is great! So Thankful to have been part of this and glad Justin Beahm worked his magic on my parts 😆  Now, on to do more perfect Rankin/Bass Production blu rays!!!!! Getting tons of book orders and working through them as quickly as I can 😁 #Madmonsterparty #Umbrellaentertainment #Rankinbassproductions