Thursday, July 20, 2006


RUDOLPH & SANTA are restored and displayed at the SAN DIEGO COMICON right now! They are at the TIME & SPACE TOYS booth with owner KEVIN KREISS! My book is also available at the booth. They will make their way to CHICAGO in a few weeks as will all the wonderful RANKIN/BASS Products that are offered at WWW.TIMEANDSPACETOYS.COM. Come out and say hello and if you are in SAN DIEGO...say hello to KEVIN from me! FUNKO is also at the SAN DIEGO CON and will soon be offering a 2nd series of MAD MONSTER PARTY figures which will feature FRANCESCA, SKELETON BAND MEMBER, YETCH and DR. JEKYLL!!!! We are all anxious to see those hit the store shelves...probably around Halloween.


MUSIC has always been a HUGE part of the... RANKIN/BASS Classic Holiday TV Specials and Films! The songs of JULES BASS & MAURY LAWS are remembered by many and special to all!
In Anticipation of the RANKIN/BASS Symphony written by MAURY LAWS and to tour Christmas 2007, I dug out this old sheet music. Who could forget that scary theme music when the BUMBLE shows his ugly face?! The design to this sheet music is very unique and effective. I do list RARE stuff on EBAY under seller ANIMAGIC1 and MISER BROS on EBAY from time to time. I am pictured above with BOB THOMPSON, Producer of the RANKIN/BASS Symphony project. Check for another one of his Productions that MAURY wrote suites for and is currently touring the country.

3rd Printing?


Here are some of the original concepts for the cover of my first book. The artwork was of course done by RANKIN/BASS legend PAUL COKER, Jr. and we changed the background to blue. Many have asked for a 3rd printing of my first book preferably in hardcover! I would definitely like to see this happen. I have been so busy with my music projects, etc. that I haven't been able to seek out a publisher for this endeavor. The book is done and it has been a proven seller. If any publishers are interested, just drop us a line. MERRY CHRISTMAS in JULY!


Here is a RARE pic of the BUMBLE that shows him holding a Mini-version of the RUDOLPH ANIMAGIC figure. I Didn't have this picture when my MAKING OF RUDOLPH book was published a few years back. We used this image for a RARE postcard that was given away as a PREMIUM at Chicago's WIZARD WORLD CON in 2002. This year's EXCLUSIVE card will feature the restored SANTA & RUDOLPH!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

RARE pics from the set of THE BERMUDA DEPTHS!

THE BERMUDA DEPTHS (1977) is a cult classic from the RANKIN/BASS catalog of live-action films ARTHUR RANKIN and JULES BASS made for ABC-TV. It starred BURL IVES, CARL WEATHERS, CONNIE SELECA and MAURY LAWS even made a Rare screen appearance. It was filmed in BERMUDA where ARTHUR RANKIN still resides most of the time and his son TODD (Pictured with girl in Bikini) even did some stunt doubling for the film in the swim sequences. The haunting theme song from the film "Jenny" is well remembered and was even released as a single. We get tons of requests for this film on DVD at from all over the world! IT'S POPULAR!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006


RUDOLPH is being restored for the CONS and actually had Red clay stuck in his nose from the kids of ARTHUR RANKIN's secretary. Kids were actually playing with this Television icon around Christmas each year. RUDOLPH will have a nice shiny bulb as a replacement very soon!

ANIMAGIC FIGURES restoral Process pics!

NEW CD Availability!

is available at WWW.AMAZON.COM and WWW. CDBABY.COM BUT I will also have some with me at the CHICAGO WIZARD CON the first weekend in AUGUST and I will be with the GIN BLOSSOMS at their LIVE Performance in West Dundee, IL July 22nd! It is starting to get REVIEWED and most of the reviews have Thankfully been very positive. I am just happy to have it out and am also THANKFUL for all of the GREAT people that helped me out with it! Special THANKS to Producers ROBIN WILSON, KEVIN GIRAGOSIAN and JEFF ISLINGER and Artists DAVID SHELDON and PATRICK OWSLEY! Most of all, my inspiration for the project...My wonderful girlfriend CAROL DUFFIELD!