Sunday, March 19, 2023

Get them while you still can!

 We still have Hardcover books (Even though the site says Softcover) and you can BUNDLE them at a discount (Cheaper than anywhere else) at  And I will sign and draw in.  You must email for the personalization.  We are all sold out on the hats!  I have had to issue many refunds on them.  Our BIG Mad Monster Party blu ray package comes out in May, 2023 from Umbrella entertainment.  I hope to work on many more Rankin/Bass Productions Blu Ray packages like this.   I am helping with a book on Rankin/Bass' The Last Dinosaur right now and writing the foreword.  I have many upcoming appearances I am scheduling!  I will be doing the Wheaton All-night flea market in August, Chiller Theatre in October and will be in Atlanta in November!  Check my ETSY shop for other fun Pop Culture things