Tuesday, July 05, 2022

The Munsters


Rankin/Bass' Frosty the Snowman's 50th Anniversary scrapbook

I just did a podcast interview with my friend Brian Mitchell at Cartoonerific. Part 1 goes up Thursday and Part 2 next week! #Christmasinjuly

Tuesday mail on it's way!

The Arthur Rankin, Jr. Scrapbook: the birth of Animagic

Christmas in July!

Saturday, July 02, 2022

4th of July, 2022

July is starting off right!

I am doing a couple of podcasts on July 5th and to my surprise, have been in talks about another network television appearance (more info to come).

I am appearing at the Wheaton all-night flea market in August and then the Halloween all-night flea market in October!   Also doing the Southside Comic book show in September at Alan B. Shepard high school.  There will be some new releases of Rankin/Bass product that I will be discussing soon too!

4th of July weekend special at www.miserbros.com

All books ordered at www.miserbros.com

are hardcovers and I just got some back in-stock!  I sign and draw in every book and you can get a bundle discount when you order two or more!   As something extra special for the holiday weekend, you will get a handsigned Paul Coker, Jr. Frosty the Snowman postcard with every book order.   Paul boldly signed these in thick sharpie by Frosty on a glossy card at age 92.  We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! 

4th of July weekend

Robin, the boy wonder

Christmas in July

The Patio