Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Mechi- Kong



I love big Ideal toy cars of the 1960s! This is the same size as Captain Action's Silver Streak and the Beverly Hillbillies truck 🚔 #idealtoys #wednesdayvibes #Dicktracy #copmobile

Over 2 feet long!   6-2 and even! Over and out Joe Jitsu!

Happy Sugar Bear Wednesday!

Happy 86th Birthday to my pal and Chicago TV legend Bill Jackson! #bjanddirtydragon #gigglesnorthotel #cartoontown

Monday, September 13, 2021


My favorite deleted Peanuts TV special scene, is the Coca-Cola sign crash by Linus Van Pelt 🤣 from A Charlie Brown Christmas! 🎅 #Peanuts


Ice cream for another warm Monday 🌞🌡

55 years ago yesterday...

Mach 5

It's time to make the donuts!


Glow Glob