Monday, October 21, 2019

You're a blockhead Charlie Brown!

An Aladdin School lunch kit could house all kinds of good food! #aladdin #schoollunchkits #lunchboxes #thermos #school

Some fun Halloween odds and ends!

 Jon has the Phantom mask based on the James Cagney rendition by Ben Cooper
 I forgot to watch the New Adventures of Mr. Magoo, until my friend Dave Pruiksma reminded me
 Who doesn't love those title cards?
 With Jack on the set of Son of Frankenstein
Nancy wearing her Queenie dress from Batman

Happy 95th to Trixie Norton! This is where and when I started watching The Honeymooners! #joycerandolph #trixienorton #thehoneymooners #birthday #monday

Sunday, October 20, 2019

I celebrated Bela's Birthday with a drawing and a Pot Roast Potato!

My late friend Bradley Bolke did the voice of Dracula in Rankin/Bass' Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters
I put the bite on this one!
 I had to pull this one out!

 It's Bela's birthday!

What a great October Sunday knowing this is coming the following Sunday!

Chicago Toy Show October 27, 2019

One week from today! BEST Toy show ever!

Wow! Busy day!

 My friend Frank brought John!

 My friend Vic from Fox Chicago!
 Dennis's brother Phil and his wife came out!
 Arron sculpted the famous Fang mask!
Vic and his wife!

The Haunted Halloween Flea Market was a BIG Success! Thanks to all the great R/B fans and friends who came out!

Friday, October 18, 2019

You know "You're Different!" when you are a Fang!

A favorite!

Don't miss tomorrow! Happy Haunted Halloween weekend!

I am announcing my appearances at Santa's Village Magical Christmas Days today! My first appearance will be at the opening on Friday November 29th 3 pm - 7 pm and then I return on Saturday December 21st 3 pm - 7 pm