Friday, September 09, 2022

I did another Podcast interview tonight with Rikki Meece for Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe! We bring the world of Rankin/Bass up to date for the holidays!

Frankenstein Jr.

"10-4 Rampart, IV started with Ringers," John Gage badge 330

Look for my ad in the Munsters issue!

Lunch with my Dad and brother

Beautiful day for a book signing 🎃

I helped quite a bit with this one..due out later this month...

My Munsters! Look for the Musters collector's edition of ReMind Magazine later this month!!!!


This is from my 1958 British Danny Kaye Merry Andrew program #RIP


Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Discussing Cagney, with the late, great Arthur Rankin, Jr. #Rankinbassproductionsofficial

Hand lettering that my late friend Paul Coker, Jr. did for me, many years ago. #Rankinbassproductions #Paulcokerjr

Cortlandt Hull meets Jim Danforth

My good friend Johnny Holmes asked me:  Did Rankin/Bass Productions have anything to do with the Here's Lucy opening?  I told him, I recently learned from my pal Cortlandt Hull, that Jim Danforth was the animator of that opening.  In fact, Cortlandt was there for the filming! Here is what Cortlandt had to say: I met the amazing animator JIM DANFORTH through Forry Ackerman, when I was about 14. At the time I visited him, at the studio, he was working on the opening sequence for "Here's Lucy". But he was also doing animation on a "Swiss Miss" TV commercial and the "Pillsbury Doughboy", which you can see some of the models in my other photo. Jim is probably best known for his work on "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth", as well as working with George Pal & Ray Harryhausen, and on many other films. He is a multi-talented artist, very kind gentleman, it was such a pleasure to meet him, and see the projects he was working on. Rick Goldschmidt #jimdanforth #rankinbassproductionsofficial #lucilleball

One of Romeo Muller and Antony Peter's creations!