Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amazing find for my NEW book project....

My friend Gary also found this! It will be featured in my new book project that I am working on with Taylor White/PERCEPTO! RANKIN/BASS (Videocraft International), in 1959, before they were even a company yet, were going to work with TRANS-LUX on their Animated TV series. in 1960, ARTHUR RANKIN formed his company with JULES BASS and LARRY ROEMER. Their first idea was illustrated by Tony Peters. It was going to be a cel animated series of WILLY McBEAN & HIS MAGIC MACHINE. Tony told me he worked on this when he was in the army. Arthur Rankin, Jr. ultimately wrote a film script for this project and decided to do it as an ANIMAGIC feature film in 1965. I Love these simple, UPA style TONY PETERS designs! I also LOVE the feature film, which I have on DVD re-mastered for $20 PAYPAL Looks like PABLO was originally going to be a Parrot, instead of a Monkey.


My friend PATRICK OWSLEY and I were just talking about Dick Locher's retirement tonight. Dick and I had a great talk about the RONALD McDONALD painting that I have by Dick. He created it for Ray Kroc in the late 1960's after Kroc tried to get Norman Rockwell to do a series but he was unavailable. Dick also did a GREAT drawing of DICK TRACY for me! My friend Gary Matheson sent me this for my Chicago Kid's TV book project.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009


I am still archiving STARVING ARTISTS (THE ARTISTS) video, audio and photos and having alot of fun doing it.
RED TOWER RECORDS in Orland Park, IL (Second show) with my sister Stacey adding vocals
My John Lennon RICKENBACKER 325 guitar in HAIR BEAR RECORDING Evergreen Park, IL

A Summer FAN CLUB party in Alsip, IL

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One of the surviving ANIMAGIC figures...

SISTER THERESA from THE FIRST CHRISTMAS (1975) I have this show on DVD as well.

PINOCCHIO comic book #1

MUHAMMAD ALI: Floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee

My Dad became friends with Ali's trainer, who lived in Alsip, Illinois, during his popularity in the 1970's. My Dad was a police officer that was pretty well liked in Alsip. His trainer gave us the polaroid above from one of his dinner visits. He also gave us the publicity pic below. GREAT stuff!