Saturday, August 02, 2008

Beautiful weather for Unicycling!

My son Josh snapped these pictures.

A few unique things for EBAY

An Autographed CHICAGO CUBS baseball cap by Hall Of Famer FERGUSON JENKINS!
A Capital Records BOZO THE CLOWN pencil sharpener (With flasher eyes) from the 1950's!

Friday, August 01, 2008


We hit the driving range the other day...beautiful day! Josh hit several 200 yards! We love golf like Tiger Woods!



BOWLING with the Goldschmidts

Another wonderful customer appreciation day (07-31-08)! We got hit with some heavy rain during the middle of the day and this weather has caused our asthma to get kind of crazy, but we managed to bowl a few games. Thinking of starting a bowling team called THE RACCOONS!


My pal, Gary Matheson, sent me this cool DENNIS Soundtrack LP the other day and it got me thinking....why isn't the classic series starring JAY NORTH not out on DVD yet?
Would be GREAT to see the series with the KELLOGG'S commercials and all the cool stuff cut out for syndication. They could also interview the surviving members of the cast! Like CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?, this one is a no brainer to release on DVD.


Josh and Sara have been playing tons of guitar lately. Josh has the Silver Anniversary Fender Stratocaster.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NEW song!

With my brother CHRIS stopping over later tonight....I wrote a NEW song called "Sabotage" that is very drums heavy. Have you ever known someone that is their own worst enemy? They don't know they have something good until they don't have it anymore? Someone who does alot of damage along the way and is never happy, when they should be? That is what this song is about.

H-B and other cool DVDs!

I am organizing RARE DVDs I have, to the music of classic HANNA-BARBERA, on this customer appreciation day...among many other things! I have a cool RARE DVD of THE SECRET WORLD OF ATOM ANT & SECRET SQUIRREL (1965) and THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF HANNA-BARBERA: COLOR ME HAPPY (1966). Both are RARE specials featuring BILL HANNA & JOE BARBERA. I also have a DVD with HERMAN MUNSTER (Fred Gwynn) on THE DANNY KAYE SHOW, CHARLIE BROWN'S ALL STARS (1966) with commercials and a black and white PETER POTOMUS SHOW with commercials including a 1966 CAPTAIN ACTION commercial! Another DVD I have includes THE ANDY GRIFFITH, DON KNOTTS & JIM NABORS SHOW w/ commercials! This is cool because ANDY & BARNEY act out a scene from the ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW in color! This DVD also has the un-cut BATMAN 1966 pilot and some Promos! Cool stuff for a beautiful day!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some more old pics...

This is my brother Chris and I. I am the blond haired SUPERMAN and Chris has a vintage WHITE SOX T-Shirt on. We are posing in front of my Dad's squad car.

Lil' Ricky

This photo is back from the days when I was Little Ricky at my grandparents house. Notice the BLATZ BEER Display in the background. I think I got the collecting bug from the cool stuff my grandparents had in their house.