Thursday, May 02, 2019


REMIND Magazine

 I was happy to share a table in the Copper Room with Karen Rudd and Remind Magazine!   I am glad it was a successful event for them too!   She was kind enough to treat me to Ruth's Crist, which was sensational!  Great team work in the Copper room all around and could not have done it without Pastor Rodriguez's help and Paul Kowalchuk!

Kevin finally made it to the Copper Room!

I listened to this CD three times when I got home. Great stuff!

Cheryl told me the whole story!

Hallmark 2019 Ornaments

I picked up my 2019 Hallmark Dreambook yesterday! Some cool ornaments this year. Hallmark is 100% consistent on their Rudolph ornament line...badly sculpted and rotten as usual. I don't need or want any more Rudolph anyway. #hallmark #rankinbass #dreambook

Rankin/Bass' Willy McBean & His Magic Machine

Long before Rankin/Bass' The Last Dinosaur, there was Willy McBean & His Magic Machine (1965) with it's outstanding Animagic! Filmed at the same time they were filming Rankin/Bass' Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with much of the same voice cast with the addition of James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek) and others. We have included photos of many of the surviving Animagic cast from the film in our new book Rankin/Bass' Frosty the Snowman 50th Anniversary Scrapbook C. 2012 Miser Bros Press/Rick Goldschmidt Archives #rankinbass #film #thursday #animagic #stopmotion #dinosaurs #cavemen

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

It's always great to visit the Witch's Dungeon!

 Always good to see my friends Cortlandt Hull and Bill Diamond at Chiller (They don't do the Fall show anymore)!   Witch's Dungeon is great and Cortlandt gave me the latest version of his Aurora Models DVD!

Happy Birthday to Josh!


I just got a chance to watch last week's episode of Collector's Call (I caught the end after getting home from New Jersey). I may have to sell Walter Krueger or J.P. my original Romeo Muller script copy of Rankin/Bass' Return to Oz! This weekend Jim Peterik is featured. Jim and I had a nice chat after the Premiere party. I sold a Gibson Les Paul to one of his Survivor band mates last year. Many people saw the Premiere of Collector's Call and I am doing more television because of it. I was recognized at both Midway and Newark Airports and almost everyone at Chiller Theatre told me they saw it, including some of the celebrities and their agents. Michael Nesmith was right about the power of television. Many did not know they could watch the episode with bonus segments online (Which is how I just watched Walter's episode).…/videos/episode-2-nostalgic-toys-and-adve… Me-TV #wednesday #fun

You can watch the episode at

Monday, April 29, 2019

Canvas and Metal Prints galore!

 It was good seeing my friend Greg Pair at CHILLER!  He brought many Canvas prints for me and sells them on EBAY!  We traded some canvas for some of my metal prints!   It is hard to photograph how great my metal prints are!   They look almost 3D in-person and are color corrected.  I will be listing some of the BEN COOPER and Aurora Model ones on EBAY under seller MISER BROS!

 My Whitman BATMAN box came today!  What a Monday!

 Looks Amazing!  COLLECTOR'S CALL Appro ved!