Saturday, February 18, 2012

A BAT moment...


Friday, February 17, 2012

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Speaking of poor communication: I.B.E.W. LOCAL 21 = A Complete Joke

There are good people in this world, like Kevin Curran (Former I.B.E.W. LOCAL 21 Vice President) who fight for employee rights and justice and then there are people like current President of I.B.E.W. Ronald Kastner and Secretary Lynn Arwood; Doing nothing but collecting union dues. They are NOT in good standing with me. The very day I schedule my hearing with the DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS for the illegal removal from payroll by AT&T, I get this retirement card in the mail and a $25 gift certificate? I asked for help through the union via a grievance and countless phone calls and emails and this is what I get? I should have known this was coming from an organization that tells you not to talk to the NEW AT&T employees hired as SERVICE CONSULTANTS because they are getting half your pay and no benefits..."It is bad for their morale." I never even saw a panel meeting with my case via the union. They mirror back what the company tells you and collect their dues...that is the full extent of the help I got. I have heard, there is a class action suit started against I.B.E.W. Local 21...I will gladly join this and bring all of my data collected to the table. Enough is enough. This is NOT acceptable.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Order from If you want to wait...and wait...and wait....and wait.... No order confirmation, no email to explain delays....just a hostile response when you place a PAYPAL dispute (Order canceled, because they never had the item to begin with). is for the birds!

Love this DICK SRANG take on BATMAN directed by our pal Dan Riba!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012


I bought the complete I LOVE LUCY some years ago and hadn't had a chance to really dig into it until recently. I had been looking through my bound 1959 TV GUIDES recently for Jerry Lewis' THE JAZZ SINGER and ads for the DESILU PLAYHOUSE caught my eye. I checked out some of the extras from I LOVE LUCY seasons 7-9 and found a 39 minute film DESI & LUCY did for WESTINGHOUSE to promote their new alliance featuring THE DESILU PLAYHOUSE. This is a very cool film that features Desi and Lucy in their office, a helicopter tour of their back lot, DESILU STUDIOS. CULVER CITY and the coolest scene features the whole I LOVE LUCY cast in the old RKO prop department and William Frawley picks up the original KING KONG Figure and says "Do you know who this is?" as he hands it to Desi (Who is smoking) and Desi says, "Yes, the original KING KONG!" This is quite a revelation.


This Comic book made a Cameo in Jerry Lewis' THE JAZZ SINGER as did Hal Smith too!

Looks like some RANKIN/BASS' MAD MONSTER PARTY figures are coming from DIAMOND SELECT! I like the extras and the sculpts by my friend TONY CIPRIANO. MAD MONSTER PARTY books are get your copy before it is too late!