Friday, October 18, 2019

You know "You're Different!" when you are a Fang!

A favorite!

Don't miss tomorrow! Happy Haunted Halloween weekend!

I am announcing my appearances at Santa's Village Magical Christmas Days today! My first appearance will be at the opening on Friday November 29th 3 pm - 7 pm and then I return on Saturday December 21st 3 pm - 7 pm



Thursday Night October practice!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Busy Wednesday! Book pickup in West Chicago for the first time!

 West Chicago
 A Beautiful, Cool Fall Day!  I had to hit Jr's Hot Dogs!

 Signing up and mailing books, so if you ordered recently.....They are on the way!

I have an article coming out in REMIND MAGAZINE in the Christmas issue in November and one in RETRO FAN in 2020!   If you have any questions, or want to set up an interview or event:   Our FROSTY book is on it's way for the Holidays!

Puddin' Head!

Haunted Halloween flea market October 19, 2019

This was 2 years ago at The Shag Store in West Hollywood, CA

Who is ready for the Haunted Halloween Flea Market this Saturday 3 - Midnight?

Monday, October 14, 2019

They show a clip of Rankin/Bass' The Osmonds during their song! A personal favorite of Donny's!

I pulled out my complete set of Chicago Today Creature Features full page Monsters from Halloween 1971 through Christmas 1971! What I love about the page that features the star/poem, is a kid stuck one of those stars teachers gave you in school in the 1970s! I remember getting the Wolfman page and bringing it to Tokar's restaurant in 1971 🎃 #creaturefeatures #halloween #lonchaneysr #lonchaneyjr #chicagotoday #wgntv

Happy Columbus day! This is my favorite Rankin/Bass rendition of Christopher Columbus, from the 1965 Feature film Willy McBean and his magic machine. He takes a spill for a second, as you can see in this frame, but it is not noticable in the film #rankinbassproductions #christophercolumbus #willymcbeanandhismagicmachine

7 years ago with a Zombie Birdman at the Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, CA

Wow! This Saturday! Halloween fun! I am bringing lots of cool stuff! Ornaments are coming Tuesday and got in new metal signs!

Sunday fun in the neighborhood!

Happy Columbus day! Flip Wilson tells his story of Christopher Columbus in Rankin/Bass' The Mad, Mad, Mad Comedians 🤣 #columbusday #rankinbass

Message me if you are interested in a DVD!