Saturday, November 05, 2016


I have many dvd left overs from Dallas!  Email me at   Still have Jack Davis dvd, Mouse on the Mayflower, Pinocchio, Mad, Mad, Mad Comedians, The Ballad of Smokey the Bear, etc.  

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Don Marshall R.I.P.


Tuesday Night practice...

I am ready for Thanksgiving!

Hope Everyone had a nice 🎃!

If you live in Dallas and you are a Rankin/Bass fan, you won't want to miss my appearance this Saturday! Surprises! Animagic in-person appearance!

This weekend will be very exciting for me, for many reasons!  Last year I met Paul Coker, Jr. face to face for the first time!   This year I am meeting a famous Rankin/Bass Animagic figure (Thanks to a friend) that turned 50 in 2016, face to face!  I am also meeting several other famous puppets that have great stories behind each one of them!   I will take lots of pictures to share!  Hope to meet all of you face to face!