Tuesday, April 04, 2017



It has been a Gunn marathon here, ever since Lola Albright passed 🎬 I finally have the movie GUNN (1967) Paramount on DVD and it didn't disappoint.  Blake Edwards always did a great job and Henry Mancini even makes a cameo.  Even though he didn't round up the complete original cast, he put together a great one..including Facebook friends Ed Asner (Jacobi) and Sherry Jackson.  Marion Marshall plays the mastermind villain (who appeared in 3 Martin & Lewis films and one of the better Gunn episodes).  Marion is one of Robert Wagner's x-wives and is still with us.  Speaking of Martin & Lewis, the prop department used one of their BAT LADY comic books from Artists & Models in the opening scene.  Paramount's prop department later used all of those Bat Lady comic books in a news stand on The Brady Bunch 😄 #petergunn #gunn #blakeedwards #craigstevens #paramount #martinandlewis #marionmarshall #henrymancini

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