Saturday, November 30, 2019

Upcoming events!

50 years of Belly Whopping!

Many were tuned in! Highest ratings ever! More to come this season on FREEFORM, CBS, etc. #rankinbassproductions

What a magnificent day! Best I ever did at a Zurko show! AMC is helping orders rolling in at too! December 1st I return to Chicago Pop Culture Con with a panel at 1:30 PM!

It has been for me! πŸŽ… One more day to go and my panel is at 1:30 pm. I discussed hosting this marathon a few years in a row and go behind-the-scenes on these Rankin/Bass classics (which they are now correctly laebeling). Maybe next year? It certainly has had a positive effect on orders 🀢🦌 #amc #rankinbassanimagicweekend


Friday, November 29, 2019

Santa Claus Soaky is Super!

These are a few of my favorite things! is zipping on the Amazon platform!

Get your gifts at the Chicago Pop Culture Con!

Santa's House

Lily and Mo came out! Great way to kick off the Holidays! Frosty book is on the way with a drawing from Lily!


I will be here this weekend! Opens at 10 am tomorrow! My panel is on Sunday at 1:30 pm!

Ba da Ba ba Ba! I'm Lovin' it!

Joan Staley R.I.P.

SALE! Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

Hats off to Frosty! The orders are flowing in again for the site! Everything is running smoothly!

C. 2019 Miser Bros Press/Rick Goldschmidt Archives 

Black Friday πŸŽ…

My neck of the woods!

Santa's Village πŸŽ…

Friday πŸŽ…

UPDATE: Site is fixed! We have our site on a new server and so many people tried to pre-order our new book and hats, that it crashed and won't let you check out. We are aware of the problem and trying to get it fixed. We will extend the black Friday sale and I will post when it is fixed. Thanks for your patience πŸŽ… #cbs #frostythesnowman50thanniversaryscrapbook #blackfriday #sale #preorders #book #rankinbassproductions 🀢