Friday, May 21, 2010


BRAVO to McDonald's Corp. Chief Executive Jim Skinner for keeping Ronald McDonald as the face of McDONALD'S! There is a group saying he is the pied piper that leads children to bad eating habits. Maybe that blame should be put on their parents or even the child for that matter, if they are eating McDonald's 100% of the time....I doubt they are and McDONALD'S isn't the entire problem at all. I would like to see Ronald holding the food again in the commercials and talking about triple thick shakes BUT McDONALD'S has caved in to pressure on this front, per a McDONALD'S advertising person I had a conversation with. RONALD is a wonderful advertising character and one of the few that has survived the ages. What is next? A group saying SANTA CLAUS is the poster child for obesity and materialism and we should do away with SANTA? It reminds me of the last scene in RANKIN/BASS' SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN when S.D. KLUGER talks about how some people don't understand the joy of Christmas and choose to be unhappy people. Ronald lives on....and on!
The STONE TEMPLE PILOTS show Josh and I were at is on VH-1 tonight at 10pm central and 1:30am

Some 2010 ROUND 2 product... . Some variations and some reissues.
This is how it looked around here earlier today...

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Victor back in the groove....

The #1 single on the BILLBOARD singles chart and the fastest rising for STP! I knew it would be when I first heard it LIVE at the RIVIERA! CONGRATS to STP!
It's sheer ANIMAGIC!

W.C. & GROUCHO Both star in RANKIN/BASS' THE MAD, MAD, MAD COMEDIANS (Groucho even did his own voice)

THEM CROOKED VULTURES rocked the ARAGON in Chicago, IL Tuesday night!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My pal LANE SMITH (STINKY CHEESE MAN, JAMES & THE GIANT PEACH) did this art for our MAD MONSTER PARTY cd from Percepto! It appeared in the extensive booklet that accompanied the CD soundtrack.


I am going to be talking some RANKIN/BASS History on THE HISTORY CHANNEL this Holiday season! HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS presents to follow! More info to come soon!



the 1976 Reunion

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Come out and spend MEMORIAL DAY weekend with us at THE BRAZEN HEAD May 29th!
After the sad passing of Frank Frazetta last week...I had to pick this BLU RAY up! One of my favorite Frazetta paintings! Clint Eastwood liked it so much, that he flew out to Frazetta's home and bought the original too....
One of my favorite coloring books as a kid...

THANKS to Ron Murphy! I remember coloring these pages :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

A FAB box I have from the UK
A cool centerfold from one of my FANERSON FAB magazines...
This is a fun DVD to watch! I am glad I bought it years ago.....
Come out and see THE STARVING ARTISTS show May 29th!
EXILE ON MAIN STREET by THE ROLLING STONES out tomorrow in a deluxe edition! Some of my favorite STONES songs are included "Happy" and "Rocks off" It was cool seeing the Documentary and band members this past Friday night on Jimmy Fallon's show!
Reading is fun!

Arthur Rankin, Jr., Masaki Iizuka and Jules Bass