Saturday, July 03, 2010

I stopped by the original franchise Ray Kroc McDONALD'S tonight, after a date and took some pictures as the lights were just taking effect! They put the lights on over weekends during the summer. There is a functioning McDONALD'S accross the street in an older design (Not the rectangular ones I was talking about earlier).

Just found this cool postcard signed by the late, great Tony Peters (Designer of the TV Spectacular)

I received a big, cool package from BARRIS' KUSTOM Shop today!

Adam West and George Barris

Walt Disney's PINOCCHIO ride is exclusive to DISNEYLAND. Arthur Rankin always says the reason he got into animation in the first place was because he loved Walt Disney's PINOCCHIO...especially the design of the film. This is probably why his first ANIMAGIC production was THE NEW ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Always fun to listen to RANKIN/BASS' THE HOBBIT soundtrack!


more BARRIS!

Clint Eastwood and family with George Barris

Yoko Ono, John Lennon and George Barris (He did some work on his famous Limo)

When we were on the West Coast, our friend Gerry sent us over to a store called HALLOWEEN TOWN. He said he first found MAD MONSTER PARTY there. I believe it was in Burbank and it had some cool stuff! It looks like this NEW DVD on AURORA Monster models is cool and it features our friend Dan Roebuck and James Bama..the artist that created the wonderful box art!