Friday, March 27, 2009


This is one of two JONNY QUEST P.F.FLYER posters I have

I have a few book projects cooking...
This was from a STARVING ARTISTS benefit show


I was walking past the nearest BLOCKBUSTER the other day and saw a banner for "Quantum of Solace"? This is the only JAMES BOND I know or care about.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is an old picture of THE ARTISTS (STARVING ARTISTS) in front of George Mitchell's ARTIST SNACK SHOP. The shot is from a video shot by Dennis Bleck and edited by Joe Rabig and was a few blocks North of my school COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO (600 S. Michigan Avenue). Ironically, I talked to the owners of the restaurant yesterday with my work and they are still open but "times are tougher now," says Irene. "Business is good when they have events at the Auditorium theatre" (Which is where I had my graduation ceremony). I remember walking to school when ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY was turned into a hotel, there were vintage cars on Michigan avenue and Sean Connery, Robert DiNero and Kevin Costner were shooting a scene for THE UNTOUCHABLES in the lobby of ROOSEVELT.
from Ron Murphy
from Ron Murphy


My friend Alex Ross and I were going to take on doing a book with Captain Marvel Jackson Bostwick about five years ago. Alex even did some preliminary art and we took Jackson out to lunch (with my friend Tom Frederick and son Josh). We were all excited about the project. Alex and I grew up on the series SHAZAM. For whatever reason, a few months later Jackson decided to do the book another way. Looking forward to seeing and reading the book.


$20 Paypal Starring JAMES CAGNEY


Chicago Kid's TV book excerpt


The DVD to get is the first release with the train on the cover. The DELUXE EDITION is NOT deluxe! It could have been. They did e-mail me and ask me about doing some extras but when I mentioned money, I never heard from them again. They ended up putting 3 non-related RANKIN/BASS things on the DVD as extras. Total garbage.


Just got back from my sister Stacey's birthday party at WHITE FENCE FARM in Lemont, IL (on Joliet Road). We spend alot of our birthdays and holidays there. Very cool place with great atmosphere and food! I think it would be great if everyone had dinner there this week and stimulated the economy a little bit!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Self Portrait

From my Chicago Kid's TV book project...


Holiday Music to decorate Easter eggs by...

$20 shipped PAYPAL contains music from all three RANKIN/BASS Easter specials PLUS so much more! Wonderful holiday music!


I watched my friend Kevin Burn's BIOGRAPHIES on FRED GWYNN & AL LEWIS the other night and REALLY enjoyed them! He did a wonderful job at putting everything together. I was struck by how the tragedy Gwynn went through during CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU? and how it mirrored the tragedy LOU COSTELLO went through years earlier. I actually did some art for the families of LOU COSTELLO and BUD ABBOTT and later I did art for GRANDPA MUNSTER Al Lewis, when he worked in his restaurant in New York. I REALLY enjoyed talking to Al Lewis about CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU? and his relationship with Fred Gwynn. Gwynn had alot of different interests that were very similar to mine.

My pal DAVID SHELDON My pal DAVID SHELDON gave me this piece he did of THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW for NICK-AT-NITE years ago, when it was still a decent station. Does anyone watch this station anymore? I have THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW on right now on ME TV in Chicago. They are actually doing the TWIZZLE right now. ME TV is the NICK-AT-NITE of the early 1990's now. What happened to TV LAND? I never watch it. Anyway, check out David's website. He did the art for all of my CD covers and is known for his LOG commercials on REN & STIMPY, OLD NAVY cartoon commercials. READER'S DIGEST illustrations, etc. etc. GREAT artist and friend! Back to Dick Van Dyke, I think I may have done the last or one of the last interviews with BUDDY SORREL (MOREY AMSTERDAM). He was in RUDOLPH'S SHINY NEW YEAR for RANKIN/BASS and shortly after I called him, he passed away within a week. I also got an autographed picture in the mail from him, I think it was on the day he died. He was always my favorite in the DICK VAN DYKE cast. He developed a character that created comedy in episodes that may not have been that funny if he wasn't in them.

My friend RHODA MANN

My friend RHODA MANN has done so many interesting things in her career! She was the original HOWDY DOODY puppeteer and then went on to do many cartoon voices including many for RANKIN/BASS. We did a book signing together in New York at ARTHUR RANKIN's night at the MUSEUM OF TV & RADIO. She was the voice of MOTHER NATURE in THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS and I had WARNER BROTHERS include her in the documentary WE ARE SANTA'S ELVES on the dvd. The reason I was able to locate THAT GIRL IN WONDERLAND (One of the RAREST RANKIN/BASS titles) with commercials, was because RHODA had managed to tape it when it first aired in 1973. A great gal!


Still wrapping up writing of the songs we are recording next weekend. Contacted our drummer Victor and he is back in the fold. We will post the new songs next weekend at

KUNG FU MASTER JOHN TSAI My friend KUNG FU MASTER JOHNNY TSAI posted a YOU TUBE video from his 9th degree ceremony. John and I collect similar things and have made many trips together to QUAKE COLLECTIBLES on Lincoln av. in Chicago.

ROGER McGUINN in Elgin, IL Jingling and jangling

I took a long ride out to Elgin, IL tonight to see Rock N' Roll Hall of famer and friend ROGER McGUINN in concert at the HEMMENS CULTURAL CENTER. Roger and THE BYRDS have had a huge influence on my playing and music over the years and this is why I own a McGuinn 12 string Rickenbacker guitar. You can really hear his influence on my song "James Byron Dean" on RICK GOLDSCHMIDT SINGS. Roger played a great show and used a variety of guitars and musical styles.
This was a picture Roger wanted to use on his website, because I am wearing his ROGER McGUINN LIMITED EDITION polo shirt. I call the shot GAS GIANTS 2, because ROBIN and PHILLIP were in a band with another guy called the GAS GIANTS shortly after the GIN BLOSSOMS disbanded.

No flash photography at the show, so I wasn't able to get any good pictures BUT the back stories that Roger told were very interesting about his days with THE LIMELIGHTERS, CHAD MITCHELL TRIO and BOBBY DARIN...before THE BYRDS.
David Crosby reads a Jack Kirby AVENGERS marvel comic book