Saturday, August 21, 2010

I picked up this cool 3-D motion birthday card at BORDERS today! My pal David Sheldon did the art BORDERS is the land of full price books and the $18.99 do they stay open during this economy???~! Josh and I went to HALF PRICE BOOKS shortly after and bought some cool stuff!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We celebrated a win against corruption in state government in Illinois tonight!

Love this!

ROCKY & who?

and Since I am on vacation this week, I thought I would take a drive up to TARGET and BEST BUY to see if they had the ROCKY & BULWINKLE season 4 set released today. No such luck....they did have HUNG season 1, KICK ASS and FAMILY GUY season 5! What is the world coming to??? They didn't even have the BUGS BUNNY or DAFFY DUCK single discs. I ordered everything from when I got home...FREE shipping and no tax. When BEST BUY or TARGET do have classic stuff, it is full price + tax. Who is doing their buying? Total garbage everywhere you look in their stores now.

I don't like to talk politics too often BUT now that we have the second convicted felon ex-governor in a row.....I would like to talk about the current Governor. Just paid my license renewal, which was raised to $99 (From $79 for years), I presume because of the huge deficit created by the powers that be (And the 20% raises the Governor gave himself and his staff)...the Governors! We now have Larry, Moe and Curly working on every street you turn a corner....ripping up roads and leaving them for months and then moving on to the next road to tear up BUT repairing very few to completion? Who is minding the store in Illinois? I guess, we the voters need to and let the government know we are fed up with corruption.

STP in Chicago Friday night at CHARTER ONE!

Monday, August 16, 2010

SARA's Birthday August 17th!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter Sara! We celebrated a day early with my Mom. Today was Sara's day with me and we had a nice time on a beautiful day (80 degrees)!

ELVIS PRESLEY remembered


George Barris is assisting with yet another film project at age 84! It is a remake of the Dudley Moore film ARTHUR (Was ARTHUR a good enough film to have a remake made of it?). It will feature some of Barris' classic TV and film cars.

THANKS to my friend Craig Marin for the heads up!

HALLOWEEN comes earlier every year.....

Sunday, August 15, 2010


This vacation is really starting off with a bang! We had a nice family event today at WHITE FENCE FARM with my Dad back in town.

one of those classic carnival mirrors

My brother Chris and Sister Stacey

My sisters..

Brandy Ice

My sister Lindsey's boyfriend Geoff, my dad and Lindsey

Thomas Frederick (aka Dom Deloise)


Looks like this is coming out with no extras... It also includes FROSTY RETURNS again??? I am doubtful that these are even truly HD. CBS has said RUDOLPH was in HD the last several years and it looked horrible. I hope they don't have the edited version that they show on CBS that has FAME AND FORTUNE animation with the song "Fame and Fortune" and the mouths don't match up at all. Hopefully, one day they will do this set right with the RANKIN/BASS logo and name on the box and interviews with the special people that made the specials. They also used the RUDOLPH image from my archives and need to restore my credit on the box (my credit was on the first few years of them using my image on the DVD box and then they conveniently dropped it?).