Saturday, June 22, 2019

Martin & Lewis weekend!

Great Cover! I have lots of Chet on CD too

Tip Top Comics

I have this one on CD

Portillo's has Awesome Hamburgers too!

It was Al Hirschfeld's Birthday the other day! Danny worked with R/B a few times and so did Al! I have the Line Kong Documentary on dvd now

He's got a TV in every room......

The Jonny Blu Ray set has been pretty sweet! Flew through disc one!

Gearing up for an exciting 2nd half of the year!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I have a Television Re-Run coming up on July 7th at 9 pm Central time. I will be in a NEW TV show the Sunday after Thanksgiving...more specific info to follow!

One of the men behind the Splits!

From my pal Jerry Eisenberg!

 My pal Jerry Eisenberg designed the characters for the 1968 Hanna-Barbera series The Banana Splits Adventure Hour!  Jerry and I discussed former Rankin/Bass designer/Storyboarder Steve Nakagawa.  Iwao Takamoto told me about Steve as well.

 Don Sandburg (Producer of Bozo's Circus and Sandy The Clown) left Bozo's Circus to work on the 2nd season on The Banana Splits Adventure hour.
I actually saw a live performance of the Splits, when they appeared on WFLD TV in The 1970s at the Apollo Field House in Alsip, IL.   The shows were re-edited and shown with a variety of cartoons through the 1970s.  I think this is why it has never seen a dvd release yet, as the original one hour versions are tough to come by.   There is one available on DVD on the set SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS 1970's Volume 2, but it looks to be from 16 mm (Still great to see with Kellogg's bumpers).  I have a few dvds of The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park (the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie) and the dvd has a few of the half hour shows.  I also transferred the one VHS release to DVD.   Now they are getting a bizarre treatment in some low budget horror thing.  I think the Banana Splits' initials say it all in regards to that....BS!

Finally....JQ on Blu Ray!

I like the cover leaps and bounds better than the DVD set.  I always knew the end credits were wrong and glad they fixed that!  I am not sure how much footage or dialogue was trimmed to be Politically correct, but so glad they restored!   I finished watching the set and am happy with it.  I like that they added 3 bumpers to each episode and the correct end credits.  I just read up on the missing dialogue and it was minor, but glad it's back!

We are stocking up for the Christmas in July Rush! May be the last time I do a book pickup in Carol Stream, but they aren't moving too far! My new tires are PRIMO!

Denny retires next week! He helped us with all of our Rankin/Bass books! We will miss his participation and wish him well! #rankinbass #publishersgraphics #books

Happy Birthday to Moe!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Happy Birthday to Paul!

A Pre- Christmas In July sale!

$50  There is a slight bend at the top left corner of the Heat Miser gold metal sign.  They both measure 12" x 18" and look Amazing in-person.  The Snow Miser is on Silver.  Shipping is $20 Priority with insurance, as they are over sized and go in a special box.  Email for purchasing instructions 

You're Never Too Young opened in June!

 I framed up the window card tonight and watched the film again!

 If I had to pick one, this one may be my favorite for many reasons!

 Tor Johnson's scene got cut, but can be seen in the trailer.   The "Relax ay voo" scene that was cut, can be seen just below this post.   I have a clip of it in color that Jerry Lewis saved and showed a bit on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, but I never saw the full scene until tonight from the Colgate Comedy Hour.

 My favorite M & L opening titles!