Saturday, December 10, 2016

Then it hit! ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄

Merry Christmas!


I will be at the Oak Lawn Public Library this week on Friday from 2-4 pm, so come on out, if you are in Illinois!   We are getting hit by a big snow storm right now as CBS gets ready to air Rudolph & Frosty for a 2nd time this holiday season!   I am hoping our NEW 20th Anniversary book will be done on Thursday and ready for pick up, with all of our other books!   I have all of the packages ready to ship and picked up some bins from the post office today!   Still time to order at  BUT I wouldn't wait too much longer!   I will be on TWITTER during tonight's broadcasts!   We will be getting a special postcard this Tuesday with the lyrics to "Even a Miracle Needs a hand" that will be FREE with every order!  Merry Christmas!


Frosty airs at 8pm on CBS tonight!

Rudolph flies on CBS again tonight at 7pm Central time!

Johnny Marks

We have a different pose from this session in our 20th Anniversary book!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Even though we had the cut off on our site as December 4th for Guaranteed Christmas Delivery on the 20th Anniversary book, you can still order up until the 19th and there is a good chance you may still get it!

 We ordered some extra books this week!  We are hoping they all will be ready for December 15th, since I have a signing at the Oak Lawn Public Library on December 16th from 2-4 pm.  I can tell you that AMAZON will not be getting any copies, so make sure that you order from  We no longer ship internationally, due to the post office increases almost every month.   EBAY has an INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PROGRAM that has worked well!   Will try to list some books there, if we have any left before the holiday.  Eventually we will get some listed there.   There are some being printed that haven't been spoken for yet, so go ahead and place an order.

EARS NESTOR! Added a few more Christmas radio shows to my schedule today!

Happy Birthday to Rankin/Bass composer and conductor Maury Laws today! 93! Years of wonderful music and a good friend!

I will be on the radio this morning in Janesville/Beloit, WI on WBEL at 7:45 am Central time (Link below) and WJQZ in Wellsville, NY at 8:40am with Bob Mangels!