Saturday, March 09, 2019

Another blu ray snafu!

I picked these up at Wal-mart tonight (after my event) and returning them all tomorrow! Universal is batting 1000 on their blu ray releases! So bad, I don't know where to start. This is the syndicated edited version, missing so many parts I couldn't list them all. Fades to solid black, credits edited, songs edited, etc. So careless, I have no idea how this was issued. As the Rankin/Bass historian/biographer, I wanted to make sure fans are aware and don't waste $. #easter #herecomespetercottontail #rankinbass The last HI DEF DVD, which was perfect, clocks in at 51 minutes. This blu ray is clocking in just over 42 minutes. As Evil Irontail says to Peter, "Careless, careless."

Geekz Con Volume 2 smashed all records!!!

 My favorite Underdog artist is here, Matt Matthew Hansel We had a nice long chat about Commander McBragg and other things! #underdog #commandermcbragg #saturday Geekz Con vol. 2 the late, great Dick Locher (Dick Tracy, McDonald's) told Matt about my first book!

Life is a great big bang up!

Friday, March 08, 2019

Geekz con Volume 2

All set! I can't believe March 9th is upon us! I will share some of the best kept secrets in my 

presentation tomorrow! I hope to see all the Rankin/Bass fans in Elgin! #rankinbass #geekzcon #entertainment #family #metv #popculture #funko #usps #frostythesnowman

Paul Coker, Jr.

 I just had a nice long chat with Paul Coker, Jr. (Designer of most of the Rankin/Bass TV Specials). I was a bit worried about him, as his phone was out of service for a while (What a relief!). I had to let him know about several projects and he told me he absolutely loved our last book and is looking forward to the new one. #paulcokerjr #rankinbass #madmagazine

Don't forget about this Sunday morning!

Jan Michael Vincent R. I. P.

Marshall Brodien R. I. P.

I met Marshall at the Museum of Broadcast night in Roy Brown's honor.   He was super nice to me and signed some things.   I always liked Bozo's Circus of the 1970's and beyond better, when he was a part of the cast!

Happy Birthday to the hardest working man in show business, Micky Dolenz!

There's no doubt in my mind - The Starving Artists

Felix and Francesca

I hope to see you at my weekend events! I will tell you how to order a set of the Flankins (They are 17" tall!)! Beautiful custom dolls!

Buffalo Bee buzzed in too!

Shag sent me some Swizzle sticks!

I don't drink but I sure like cool Advertising and Shag displays!  So does my son Josh!

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Wilkins Coffee

I got a surprise in the mail today from a great customer and friend Aaron Wilkins! He knew I have an early Henson collection and wanted me to add these to my Wilkins and Wontkins collection. I guess Wilkins coffee went out of business shortly after these cans were produced, in the 1990s. #wilkinsandwontkins #wilkin

scoffee #jimhenson

Another one of my all-time favorites!

One of my all-time favorites!

I've been watching a ton of The Twilight Zone lately!

It was cool seeing the Rod Serling clips from the Jack Benny Show floating around Facebook today!

It's that time of year again!


Come meet the legendary Shirley Jones and over 20 other celebrities at the upcoming Hollywood Show in Chicago on March 23-24, 2019! This Academy Award-winner is perhaps best known for her roles in Oklahoma!, Carousel, The Music Man, Elmer Gentry, and her iconic role in the television classic The Partridge Family😃
For more information and to purchase advance tickets, visit our website at

I am trying to arrange a radio interview with Shirley!

Chicago Kid's books

Even as a kid, I was fascinated about how television shows were made. I was going through my stacks and stacks of Chicago Kid's TV stuff and came across these books. I checked them out of the library at Stony Creek School (Kindergarten-6th grade) repeatedly. These aren't the actual copies from my school. In Ray's book he says 400,000 people watched his show. Bozo's Circus, The Ray Rayner show, etc. were the biggest shows on the planet to me during that period. In Chicago, we had some amazing local TV! You had to be there to appreciate it. #wgntv #bozoscircus #therayraynershow #garfieldgooseandfriends #bjanddirtydragon

After we Spring ahead this weekend, I appear here 9 AM until 2 PM! I will have a few NEW things on display and give out cards on how to order!

I will be doing a Panel/Presentation here!

This Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM with a Rankin/Bass Presentation by me

Wednesday Morning art! The Misfit Girl doll created by Romeo Muller and Antony Peters

Tuesday, March 05, 2019