Saturday, March 13, 2010

Josh and I rewatched the movie IRONMAN last night! We love the film and are looking forward to IRONMAN 2 May 7th! I am in an IRONMAN mood and will watch some of the 1966 cartoons later. Tonight, I decided to watch THE INVINCIBLE IRONMAN: 6 part "History of the hero" on disc 2 of the DVD. It perfectly illustrates what went wrong with modern day comic books! The history started out great with Stan Lee, Gene Colan, discussion of George Tuska, etc. Then it went terribly wrong in the late 1970's through today! Writers who believe IRONMAN is a real person and ultimately became an alcoholic, Art that is far from correct anatomy, grim looks on everyone's faces, colors that look like sand on the beach? How did things go so terribly wrong with Comic books? My friends talk about this all the time. You would think people would learn from what has gone before, such as JACK KIRBY, JOHN ROMITA, CARMINE INFANTINO, MURPHY ANDERSON, etc. (I know my friends Alex Ross and Steve Rude have). Well, at least some of the films seem to be on the right track. I know the SPIDER-MAN series was on track with Sam Rami until the whole cast walked out of the fourth film :)

posted by Thomas Frederick

Easter is on it's way!
My pal Ron Murphy brought over all the JACK DAVIS issues of TIME MAGAZINE...a few I did not have including this one!
My good friend Mitch O' Connell sent me this book and it arrived today! I have the BOZO'S CIRCUS version but needed this one. THANKS Mitch! Very cool book!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is an Excellent series Produced by Elvis Costello and Sir Elton John! I am really enjoying it and my very dear friend Gena Rositano works on it! I even saw her in the episode I watched last night with Rufus Wainwright! If you love music, you will love this series!

I heard from Arthur Rankin today! I sent him a speedy delivery package to Bermuda! He still teaches film classes there.
Mr. Chin is working on a Stop-motion project! Pretty cool!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I just finished watching the THUNDERBALL BLU RAY! I watched GOLDFINGER last night! GREAT extras on these...I especially like the BURTON'S UK clothing commercials, the 1965 NBC TV special THE INCREDIBLE WORLD OF JAMES BOND and A CHILD'S GUIDE TO BLOWING UP A MOTOR CAR 1965 FORD PROMOTIONAL FILM. Sean Connery is the only BOND for me!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Oooooooh, Ooooooh!

Will there be any new POPEYE DVD sets...?

Doesn't look like there will least not for a while.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

I have a new song with the name Mortimer Snerd in it...this is a perfect companion picture :)

My friend Ron Murphy and his son Wyatt stopped by tonight...Oscar night...for a little SONY HD and dropped off some more clippings....


I have one left in-stock! $55 with the RARE RANKIN/BASS DVD of your choice. PAYPAL or email
I picked one of these up over the weekend :)
I picked this up at QUAKE a while back...
This was a clever BAT item!