Sunday, December 31, 2006


Another GREAT GIN BLOSSOMS show and this time I not only brought my son JOSH BUT my daughter SARA and her friend NIKA (Who are now die-hard GIN BLOSSOMS fans!) ROBIN was so very kind to them! He even dedicated the song "The End Of The World" (From their new CD MAJOR LODGE VICTORY) to SARA & NIKA! It was GREAT seeing ROBIN, SCOTTY, JESSE, BILL and SCOTT and the whole crew! GREAT guys and a GREAT time was had by all!


Here is how FATHER TIME looks today! He is in the collection with DAVID SCHEVE. David just helped with an ART CLOKEY 'GUMBY' exhibit at the CENTER FOR PUPPETRY ARTS a short while ago I have these actual photographs up on EBAY under seller ANIMAGIC1. Hope you have a GREAT NEW YEAR! Enjoy!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The BEST RANKIN/BASS DVD released in 2006!

I usually have nothing nice to say about CLASSIC MEDIA/SONY WONDER DVD releases for the obvious reasons...missing the RANKIN/BASS name on the front cover, no RANKIN/BASS extras, etc. I really like this DVD release for many reasons. The cover design is very nice and I like the white case used. The art is almost as nice as the art my friend PATRICK OWSLEY did for the DVD releases on TENNESSEE TUXEDO & HIS FRIENDS and GO GO GOPHERS! It looks like they did use info from my first book (uncredited) on the back cover BUT at least it is correct and mentions ARTHUR RANKIN and JULES BASS. The art on the disc is well designed too. This is the very first RANKIN/BASS TV Special which appeared on NBC's GENERAL ELECTRIC COLOR FANTASY HOUR in February, 1964. Another thing I like about the DVD is the price! You can find it for $9.99 or less. Always check for RANKIN/BASS DVDs. If you don't have it yet, pick it up!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Our NUDE HIPPO: Your Chicago Show segment is now on-line...

Our NUDE HIPPO segment is now on-line at YOU TUBE. The ending may be too disturbing for small children and involves some RUDOLPH toys. Check it out at


As the NEW YEAR Rings in and the old year moves out... I want to THANK everyone again for the successful year we had! All the GREAT RANKIN/BASS fans and friends made it possible! I apologize for the lack of updates at BUT stay tuned here and you will see plenty of updates. There are alot of exciting things coming in 2007 from the world of RANKIN/BASS! Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Arthur Rankin, Jr. & Danny Kaye look over Danny's ANIMAGIC figure for THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF DANNY KAYE: The Emperor's New Clothes. This 1972 ANIMAGIC/Live-Action/Cel Animated special came out on DVD about 4 years ago BUT most RANKIN/BASS fans aren't even aware of it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it because as a BONUS there is an original 8 minute documentary on the MAKING of the special with ARTHUR RANKIN, JULES BASS, MAURY LAWS & DANNY KAYE! It also features JACK DAVIS artwork that shows the other stories they were going to do with the series THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF DANNY KAYE. The DVD was not handled properly once again by CLASSIC MEDIA, because they just called it THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES and instead of putting DANNY's image on the cover (Which everybody knows from HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL), they put a picture of the KING? This was done out of fear of a lawsuit from the KAYE estate. Seek this DVD won't be sorry.


I did a radio show very early this AM in Denver, Colorado with RICK CRANDALL just as they were getting hit with another blizzard (3 inches of snow per hour)! Then I got hit with my bad chronic Asthma. Oh well.... The show was alot of fun and we talked about RUDOLPH & SANTA,, the CENTER FOR PUPPETRY ARTS, etc. My New Year's resolution is to get going on the 3rd printing of my book THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS and write the updates and layout the cover for PAUL COKER, JR.. We are going to need decent printing time to have it out in plenty of time for the holidays of 2007!


This article was reprinted in THE BARKER MAGAZINE (A magazine for VERTRILOQUISTS) from my first book THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A Portfolio. Click article to enlarge.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Are you sure?

YES....I am sure. ARTHUR RANKIN and I had a discussion recently about my booklet in the MAD MONSTER PARTY DVD (Anchor Bay). JULES BASS picked the DVD up in the Fall of 2006 at BARNES & NOBLE and felt that the booklet had some errors. The DVD was originally issued in 2002 and luckily the 2005 Re-issue contains the same 24 page booklet. One question was if FRANK FRAZETTA really had anything to do with the films' poster art and ad art. YES...he definitely did! ARTHUR & JULES do not remember him. They know that the art was similar to JACK DAVIS' art in design and style BUT weren't sure who actually executed it. JACK did the character designs and an alternate poster design for the film. When I researched THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO, I called Frank and talked with his wife Ellie, who confirmed he did the art. Later, ARNIE FENNER released a book called LEGACY (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!), which unearthed this color piece and confirmed that his two black and white preliminary drawings were used as the final poster and design art for the film. Arnie and I also talked about the origin of the art. I believe that it was JOSEPH E. LEVINE that chose and paid for the art and not RANKIN/BASS. FRAZETTA was doing many "Jack Davis style" posters during this era and both did work for MAD MAGAZINE. Once JACK hit on his parade style one-sheet poster for IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD, It started a trend in cartoon posters for the next decade that DAVIS and FRAZETTA split between them. In fact, Jack's first RANKIN/BASS work was the parade style poster for WILLY McBEAN & HIS MAGIC MACHINE (1965)! JULES is definitely correct about one error with the MMP DVD. On the back cover of the DVD, it states FORREST J. ACKERMAN (FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND) assisted with the screeplay. He did not. ANCHOR BAY got this information from a movie database loaded with errors. I pointed out, that no research I did confirms his involvement in my booklet. In fact, I talked with LEN KOROBKIN (Writer of the screenplay) at length about it and he never worked with him. HARVEY KURTZMAN (Founder of MAD MAGAZINE) was brought into the project after LEN wrote the screenplay and added in some of his Kutzmanisms at the very end, such as the VEEBLEFETZERS that Felix had Mr. Cronkite buy for his Pharmacy. There you have it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I finally received a seperate DVD copy of the RANKIN/BASS' TV Special CRICKET ON THE HEARTH tonight. Get this! CLASSIC MEDIA/SONY WONDER didn't even bother to credit ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. and JULES BASS on the back cover either???? In fact, there is no mention of RANKIN/BASS on the entire DVD? AND to make matters worse, they included those videos of MARIAH CAREY and DESTINY'S CHILD as BONUS Extras on this disc? This is VERY hard to believe BUT it is TRUE!!! RANKIN/BASS filmed a wonderful introduction and ending with DANNY THOMAS that is LIVE-ACTION. The special is worth getting even though it was NOT properly issued. What a shame.


Monday, December 25, 2006

I heard the bells on Christmas day!

What would you think of a RANKIN/BASS LAND? Complete with a RANKIN/BASS museum? It is an idea we have been kicking around.... We had a nice, relaxing CHRISTMAS DAY today with Family and friends. This season was quite busy and I would like to THANK everyone for everything! I enjoyed the RADIO and TV Shows and the many wonderful articles that were written about what we do. It is hard for me to enjoy the holidays with everything that is going on BUT I do enjoy being busy. Also, THANK YOU for all the many orders we received! Hope SANTA was good to you this year! Keep an eye on the blog for many updates and information that you will not find anyplace else. ENJOY!

ARTHUR RANKIN, JR., MASAKI IIZUKA & JULES BASS! The guys who made it all happen at RANKIN/BASS!

The Warmest of HOLIDAY Greetings to you & Yours from RANKIN/BASS!

Sunday, December 24, 2006



PAUL COKER, JR. is a HUGE part of the RANKIN/BASS Legacy! His name appears as CHARACTER DESIGNER at the end of just about every RANKIN/BASS show that aired on ABC FAMILY today. PAUL called me today and the NEW cover to the 3rd printing of my book THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO is a go! GREAT to hear from PAUL on CHRISTMAS EVE! PAUL signed some HEAT MISER & SNOW MISER cards that I have up on EBAY under seller ANIMAGIC1 and MISER BROS. We also have them back in stock at PAUL designed the HEAT MISER, SNOW MISER, FROSTY THE SNOWMAN, NESTOR THE LONG-EARED DONKEY, etc. etc. etc.

RANKIN/BASS Dolls are everywhere!

Dolls of the RANKIN/BASS Characters can be found almost anywhere these days! We went to BROOKFIELD ZOO yesterday and to my surprise they had BUILD-A-BEAR type dolls of all the RUDOLPH characters and some of them were nice! We picked up a YUKON and my son JOSH stuffed him and put a star inside. Their version of these dolls are called ANIMALAND and made by a company called NANCO. They have a small HANG TAG on them and what we liked about the YUKON doll was the fact that he had a MAROON hat on. My son liked the BUMBLE too. They were sold out of the RUDOLPH and CLARICE dolls. They also make a HERMEY, SAM THE SNOWMAN and SANTA CLAUS. The SNOW MISER doll picture to the left was sent by NOVA GREENSOCKS! It was handmade from materials at WALMART.

It's CHRISTMAS EVE! Nothing was stirring not even a mouse....

'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS was one of those RANKIN/BASS classics that aired on CBS for many, many years. You may be able to spot it on ABC FAMILY today! It is available on DVD! It is paired up with FROSTY'S WINTER WONDERLAND from WARNER BROTHERS. I especially like the very end of the special with the wonderful PAUL COKER re-design of SANTA! It is the voice of ALLEN SWIFT that you here as SANTA saying "Merry Christmas to all! AND to all a good night!"

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I hate to bring the GRINCH out during the MOST Wonderful time of the year BUT...

Looks like BRENDA GOODMAN of the NEW YORK TIMES did the same thing that MEG JAMES of the LA TIMES did to me about four years ago. She constructs her article with information from my book and interview (IE. the original ANIMAGIC figures cost $5,000 to make) and gives me absolutely no credit or mention of I am quick to help with things like this and I literally spent about 2 hours of my time sending photos and doing an interview and this is the way they THANK me. I also gave some good background on ARTHUR RANKIN and JULES BASS that could have been used BUT was not. I am glad that and the CENTER FOR PUPPETRY ARTS were mentioned BUT an important part of the story was ignored and information was obtained without any acknowledgement and that is wrong in my book. This will make me think twice before assisting again with something like this. NOW....on to happier things! DR. RUS posted the radio interview I did with him the other day at It is under "Best of the LIVE LINE" Seamus, Mark and Chris posted some pictures of the restoral of RUDOLPH & SANTA on their webpage at I want to THANK Everyone who placed their order with us this HOLIDAY season! Hope your Holidays are Holly & Jolly!!!!

TIM E. D TV SHOW in Raleigh, NC!

I was on the TIM E. D TV Show last night just after RUDOLPH aired on CBS. The Show will run on TV through January 11th. It can be seen in Raleigh, NC on RTN cable channel 10. Tuesday's 10pm and Saturdays at 11pm. For more info go to

Friday, December 22, 2006

12-22-2006 NEWS!

Arthur Rankin, Jr. reports that his paper in Bermuda THE MID OCEAN NEWS carried a full page article on RANKIN/BASS and myself. It can be found on the web at I was also advised today that our NUDE HIPPO: YOUR CHICAGO SHOW didn't make it onto the air last night BUT will definitely be on the 12-28-2006 show at 7pm on Channel 25 on CHICAGO CABLE. It will also be posted at I enjoyed the evening radio interview I did in Columbia, MO with my friend DEREK tonight! He tried to get BILLIE MAE RICHARDS on the air with us BUT she was unavailable. I called PAUL COKER, JR. tonight about the revised book cover for THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO. I will keep you posted. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Late breaking NEWS!

I just assisted DARCY at the NEW YORK TIMES with some 11th hour photographs! The RANKIN/BASS article will be in the SATURDAY EDITION 12-23-06!!!! They put the paper to bed shortly, so it may hit the stands later tonight! HERMEY wants to be a dentist.

Heart & Warmth! ROMEO MULLER: Father Christmas!

As I did the Dr. Rus radio show this am in Buffalo, NY, I am inevitably asked "Why have these shows lasted so long?" My answer is always the fact that RANKIN/BASS shows have Heart & Warmth that is missing from today's entertainment and alot of that came from NY native and RANKIN/BASS writer ROMEO MULLER! Romeo's brother Gene e-mailed me very late last night and pointed out a few fun facts about his late brother! 1. I don't know if I ever mentioned this to you, but Ken Donnelley his life long friend told me after Rome past
away that he once told Rome how when he was a kid his family would go on vacation in the
Catskill Mountains in N.Y.He' would be in the back seat of the car and imagine a Monster peaking
over the top of the mountains,that was in he fifties.
When Rudolph was was aired in 64 Ken was living in California, he got a call form Rome who said to him"See if something's look formiliar to you in the show.
2.Once when Ken was in the service in the forties he brought his army buddy home along with
his soon to be bride.She was introduced to Rome. Her name was "Clarice" I'm not making this up.
3.We had a cousin that was my brothers age he was a chemical engineer but the two had a lot
in common model trains & British toy soldiers. His name, Herbert.
Now I can't swear to it and can't find it in any of his scripts but I think he ment Herbie not Hermie.
4. I had a god mother that I couldn't stand & either could Rome! They had an only child
and was spoiled to death
His father called him "Skipper",and used the expression "Thats My Buck" when he did something the father
approved of. Rome used to mimic him & sounded just like Donner.
5. I have been asked many times about the Doll in The Misfit Toys & yes it is a mystery.
Last, nothing to do with Rudolph but in his story of NOEL there is a sceen of the gandfather
kneeling under the tree watching an electric train with a gift bow stuck on his forehead.
That was our Dad every Christmas Eve when opening presents he would invariably stick a bow on his forehead.
I'd ask him about these things I'd see in the different stories & his answer would always be,
"Now What do think"!!
ROMEO was the BEST! Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass REALLY knew how to pick talent!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

RUDOLPH is on CBS again tonight!

Don't forget to watch CBS' encore airing of RUDOLPH tonight! I will do a second book signing for books ordered tonight as well. While the special is on, I will be doing an on-line chat at and our episode of the NUDE HIPPO: YOUR CHICAGOSHOW will be on ch. 25 on CHICAGO CABLE and will eventually be on the web at and then I will be on a TV show in North Carolina just after the RUDOLPH showing. BUSY NIGHT! SEASON'S GREETINGS! Don't forget the 12-21-06 NEW YORK TIMES in the AM too!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

If you live in Columbia, MO....

I am doing another radio show on Friday 12-22-06 at 6pm Central time on THE EAGLE 93.9 KSSZ-FM with Derek Gilbert. If you don't live in Columbia, MO, their website is or their PODCAST site is This will be a 30 minute chat about the Enchanting world of RANKIN/BASS and he will also have a guest that runs A CHRISTMAS STORY museum in the house that was used for exterior shots in the film.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006



Here is an excerpt from Rob's article...the rest is at (look under the LIFE & ARTS Stories)
Oddly, in the 32 years since their remarkable run came to an end, no new contender has come along to knock Rankin-Bass off their perch as the masters of Christmas television. Indeed it can be argued that as their shows become more entrenched in family tradition each year, it becomes harder and harder for a newcomer to usurp them.
"To this day it's amazing to me that these programs, which were rather simply made, have lasted in the marketplace," Bass said from his New York loft in a rare interview.
"We cornered the market," observes Rankin. He lives in Bermuda now, in a house of his own design that looks onto the ocean and is shaped like the prow of a boat.
- Tomorrow, Rudolph and the creative prime of Rankin-Bass.
© National Post 2006

A few more CBS NEWS pics. RUDOLPH airs again 12-21-06..maybe a clip of our appearance as well.

It's possible we may be on your local CBS NEWS 12-21 after the 2nd RUDOLPH appearance. Look for us in the NEW YORK TIMES that same day and if you are in CHICAGO, watch the NUDE HIPPO: YOUR CHICAGO SHOW 7pm ch. 25 on CHICAGO CABLE or check . KEVIN KREISS and I have been doing many interviews that will show up this week in print and on air!

Monday, December 18, 2006


I was lucky enough to spend some time with JOE BARBERA in his office some years back. He was still passionate about his animation and excited about a recent mention of THE JETSONS in an article about technology. I gave him a copy of the MAD MONSTER PARTY soundtrack CD and he loved it. He remembered RANKIN/BASS with fondness and in fact, STEVE NAKAGAWA worked for both studios. I will never forget meeting BILL & JOE and their animation will live on forever!

Early cover concept by BOB PLANT at former PLAYING MANTIS!

Today is YUKON's BIRTHDAY! LARRY D. MANN voice actor Extrodinaire!

We would like to wish LARRY D. MANN a very happy Birthday! LARRY voiced many characters for RANKIN/BASS including FOXY Q. FIBBLE in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO, the wicked witch in TALES OF THE WIZARD OF OZ and of course YUKON CORNELIUS in RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER. Did you know he was the original voice for SAM THE SNOWMAN? He recorded all the parts for SAM BUT was later replaced by BURL IVES. Shortly after his RUDOLPH work, Larry became a character actor in Hollywood and guest starred on shows like MY FAVORITE MARTIAN, BEWITCHED and THE GREEN HORNET. Larry still resides on the West coast and the last I heard from him, he made an appearance at a RUDOLPH screening hosted by my friend Wally Wingert. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Larry!
* Notice in this photo, LARRY is making the cast from RETURN TO OZ (1963) crack up, including JULES BASS at the piano. Larry often made the crew laugh according to sound man BILL GILES.

More press on the CENTER FOR PUPPETRY ARTS RUDOLPH & SANTA appearance!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. & JULES BASS: The Men Behind the Magic!

*Artwork by PAUL COKER, JR.



"Go to him!" "I have no gift to bring" Have you ever wondered why the line spoken about AARON just after he plays his drum for the newborn king...the line that says "It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen" is spoken by voice actor PAUL FREES and NOT GREER GARSON on the recent releases of the special on DVD? ANSWER: It was a mistake! One that may be corrected now that CLASSIC MEDIA was bought by a company in the UK named ENTERTAINMENT RIGHTS! Somehow, when THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY was remastered from 16mm B ROLL elements back in 1998, they managed to put in PAUL FREES scratch track for GREER GARSON in, where GARSON's voice should have been. I have the original GAS LP Soundtrack on CD (On EBAY under seller ANIMAGIC1) and it does have the correct GREER GARSON spoken lines. While the audio is improved on the DVD, it is not correct. Hopefully we will be able to correct ALOT of things, if ENTERTAINMENT RIGHTS involves me with the CLASSIC RANKIN/BASS DVD releases!


A few years back, I wrote an outline for a traditional RANKIN/BASS treatment for a TV Special called THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! Starring the talents of ANDY WILLIAMS. ANDY loved the idea and was willing to do it. I also wanted to bring back the talents of THE OSMONDS (RANKIN/BASS did their animated cartoon series) and keep them at the age they were when the original OSMONDS series was animated. The treatment is still kicking around and I thought I would post one of the model sheets that PAUL COKER, JR. did for me! ANDY loved it! I hope to get this made at some point...I still think ANDY is the perfect choice to host a RANKIN/BASS special!


Many have been asking about THE LEPRECHAUN'S CHRISTMAS GOLD starring the talents of ART CARNEY & BOB McFADDEN! It has been airing on ABC FAMILY's 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! I just got in DVD-Rs of the uncut version of the special (ABC FAMILY edits their airings greatly). I also got in DVD-Rs of HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS starring BORIS KARLOFF w/ BANK BUMPERS, the 1964 original airing of RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER w/ original RANKIN/BASS GENERAL ELECTRIC commercials, bumpers and the original ending and this same DVD has THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY with GAS COMMERCIALS and GREER GARSON bumpers! It will be a HOLLY, JOLLY CHRISTMAS! E-mail me at: THANKS To Pastor Rodriguez! I still have THE LIFE & ADVENTURES OF SANTA CLAUS and WILLY McBEAN & HIS MAGIC MACHINE too!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Looks Like PAUL is a DEMOCRAT! His last several cards have had a similar theme. I booked some more radio shows: Friday 12-22-06 7:35am 1420 WACK in Newark, New York (Just outside of Rochester) "LIVE LINE" with Dr. Rus D. Jeffrey, 12-28-06 KEZV w/ Rick Crandall at 7:45am Central time in Denver, Colorado. 12-16 WJBC in Bloomington, Illinois at 3:10pm, I will be on the TIM E. D show in Raleigh, North Carolina 12-21-06 at 9pm est. Channel 10 RTN Raleigh Television Network via phone. TIM will be showing my book, TIME & SPACE TOYS' MISER ORNAMENT Set, etc.

Kevin Kreiss posted some pics from all the RUDOLPH & SANTA Animagic figure appearances this year at his site: Enjoy!