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We were sorry to hear that PETER TORK had a RARE form of cancer BUT are pleased to read his surgery was successful and he is making a healthy recovery. The story is on his website at Also, there is a petition to get THE MONKEES into the ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME (They should have been one of the first inducted, in my opinion). You could sign it very easily at


More BOB BENTAVOJA art! Love his FAMILY AFFAIR art! Alot of these shows are on ME TV or ME TV TOO in Chicago including TARZAN and RAT PATROL.


I still have the DVD of the RARE RANKIN/BASS cel animated episode of the SATURDAY SUPERSTAR MOVIE with commercials. RHODA MANN, one of the voice actresses that appears in the special, lent it to me to transfer. RHODA was also the first HOWDY DOODY puppeteer on the HOWDY DOODY SHOW! It is $15 shipped and you can PAYPAL


I found this clipping today and boy does it bring back some good memories. Shortly after I received my degree in the arts in Illustration from COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO, I began teaching Art at ST. RENE SCHOOL and ST. BRUNO SCHOOL. I taught Kindergarten through Eigth grade for several years and it was very rewarding. I have great admiration for took alot out of me. This clipping was about an art contest that I actually was able to get some of the students work published in a NOW COMIC BOOK. My pal Patrick Owsley worked for NOW COMICS at the time and I had a meeting with the publisher. I understand that Principal Val Bellucci, seen in the picture with me, has since passed away. He was very kind in bringing me into the school and treated me well. One of my friends, Dennis Bleck, actually shot a documentary about me teaching at the schools. Dennis attended COLUMBIA COLLEGE as well and used the documentary for his final project.


This was alot of fun! We played at the WORLD MUSIC THEATRE in Tinley Park, IL around 1995. THE STARVING ARTISTS actually opened up a D.A.R.E. FEST that was organized by the TINLEY PARK POLICE DEPARTMENT. JOE 'ELVIS' DIAMOND did not have a back up band and we took the assignment. I knew the Elvis songs well and this was hilarious. That is my sister Lindsey at the left side of the stage with the tambourine. It is hard to believe she was that small then! I remember playing SUSPICOUS MINDS too slow for Joe and he stopped us during the song... It looked like it was part of the act BUT it wasn't. Funny stuff! My pals Alex Ross and Mitch O' Connell were there in the front row enjoying this one! I actually made the sign at the front of the stage by hand with some of Mitch's art.

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MARK CHRISTIANSEN My friend MARK knows how to do HANNA-BARBERA DVD box art AND WARNER BROS sure doesn't! Can you believe WB HOME VIDEO passed on this box art? I wonder what they were drinking?

Here Comes The Sun

We SPRING ahead this weekend!

With DISNEY's Excellent PINOCCHIO coming out on DVD next TUESDAY, I thought I would talk about THE NEW ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO again. When Arthur Rankin was asked at the MUSEUM OF TELEVISION & RADIO in New York, what his favorite animation was, he replied "Disney's Pinocchio." This is why he chose PINOCCHIO for their first Production in ANIMAGIC in 1960. What I love about it, is the fact that PINOCCHIO is animated as a REAL puppet! The RANKIN/BASS ANIMAGIC animators cut their teeth on this project, which led up to their AMAZING classic RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER. The series was very popular in CANADA and the US, due to the fact that some of it was Produced in CANADA as well and got their seal of approval. I offer two collector's DVDs of this series for $25 and you can PAYPAL ENJOY!

THE MUNSTERS: the complete series DVD set

UNIVERSAL improved on the first releases of the series with THE MUNSTERS: THE COMPLETE SERIES and you can get it at TARGET for $50. It has a GREAT colorized version of FAMILY PORTRAIT and it now includes the two MUNSTERS movies. The feature film MUNSTER, GO HOME is newly remastered and looks AMAZING. I personally like that they put the series on seperate one-sided discs now and bettered the quality of the entire set. Kevin Burn's material is on it's own disc, as are the movies. This is the way the series should have been released in the first place.


JACK DAVIS helping me out with an illustration for one of my books!
My pals HANK HARRISON and JACK DAVIS . I talked to JACK today and he is getting over an illness he has had for several months. He is going to try to do another illustration for me soon.

Cool MARY BLAIR art!

I have quite a collection of MARY BLAIR of my favorites!


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Available at WALMART in a DELUXE EDITION for just $9.99 I wrote the liner notes.

DAVID SHELDON did this art for my RUDOLPH book....


My pal DAVID SHELDON did the artwork that appears on my CD covers! Check out his website at


I am still making available a 2 DVD set of the episodes I have from the wonderful ANIMAGIC series THE NEW ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO...right now for the price of $25 shipped. I love this series and this was the first animation that RANKIN/BASS did!

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MONDAY back-to-work day only!

I have a few of my NEW hardcover editions of THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO (MISER BROS PRESS) books that I can let go for $50 + $7 shipping this MONDAY only. E-mail me at for availability first and then you can mail or PAYPAL It will also come with a signed PAUL COKER, JR. FROSTY THE SNOWMAN postcard and I will sign and draw in the book. ENJOY!

THANK YOU for your support!

I REALLY enjoy helping out the RANKIN/BASS fans with the rare stuff! Just heard from a fan in the Netherlands. I enjoy watching the RARE stuff just as much as anyone else and most of it will never see the light of day unless I assemble it from the archives.


If you like puppets, as I do, this is for you: