Saturday, July 06, 2019

Sunday night Me TV 9 pm Central time

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A nice and cool July Summer Night for Deck Staining!

Another item that was trimmed for time from my Collector's TV appearance, is the first licensed Ideal toys Kermit the frog puppet from 1965. We talked about him during the Wilkins and Wontkins section. I got him from my friend Ron Murphy and David from Quake Collectibles said he never saw one during his years of selling at the store. I love that he is wearing the red turtleneck that he wore on the Ed Sullivan show and other early TV appearances. #jimhenson #collectorscall #metv #lisawhelchel #idealtoys #kermitthefrog #popculture #television #theedsullivanshow

happy Birthday to Burt!

A large portion of my interview about this item was edited from my Collector's TV appearance, which airs again tomorrow night. This was originally Benjy Chulay's (he signed the cover) coloring book, better known as television editor and actor J. Benjamin Chulay. He was a child extra on The Dick Van Dyke show and later the tall blond extra in the newsroom on The Mary Tyler Moore show. He became an editor on shows like Falcon Crest, Melrose Place and Bones. His father, John C. Chulay was the Assistant director on The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Mary Tyler Moore show and many other TV shows. He was also Assistant Director on films like Kelly's Heroes and Dick Van Dyke's Some Kind of a Nut (Jack Davis did the movie poster art for both films) #metv #thedickvandykeshow #collectorscall #johncchulay #jbenjaminchulay #television #rickgoldschmidtcollection

Friday, July 05, 2019

Summer Re-run

More 4th of July photos

My pal Greg Pair does some great canvas art that you will see in my TV episode Sunday night (They even used some of his prints in the show's open). I didn't know there were 2 versions of this cover, until Greg pointed out. I have the other (posted below). My favorite Stooges comic book cover. #thethreestooges

Updated Schedule (Haunting in Hammond is 11 - 7 with Butch Patrick and The Munsters cars as well!) ...still adding a few more appearances!

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

MAD Magazine shut down for me a very long time ago......

I loved MAD when artists such as Jack Davis, Paul Coker, Jr., Wally Wood, Jack Rickard, Norman Mingo, Bob Clarke, etc.  Were filling pages of the magazine with exceptional art!   Jack Davis told me he decided to stop working for the magazine, when it became "Too Raunchy."   Paul Coker, Jr. recently retired from the magazine when it moved from New York.   My friend Tom Richmond is a great artist too!    If you ask me, the magazine brought this on themselves, when it switched to being a one-sided Political thing.   That was never what MAD was about.

Set your DVR for Sunday night at 9 PM Central on ME TV

I will be on Radio Once More with my good friends Johnny and Helen Holmes on July 24th at 8 PM Central time

It will be about a 45 minute Christmas in July Interview!

Merry Christmas in July! Let me know if you want me to bring the Santa Animagic figure to an event with me!

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