Thursday, February 07, 2008


I have been working with BRIAN MARIOTTI on his GREAT MAD MONSTER PARTY line at and here are a few of the NEW FUNKOVISION items I REALLY like! It's all coming back to you!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


How can you re-make something that was GREAT to begin with? Ask my friend TODD KAUFFMAN (Click the 2nd link on the right). I would much rather see a very cool, stylistic take on something like H.R. PUFNSTUF or any classic cartoon (re: RANKIN/BASS, etc.) than seeing a LIVE ACTION remake of a cartoon.


No one does the classic HANNA-BARBERA art quite like my friend PATRICK OWSLEY! Check his blog by clicking on the link at the right!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

SUNDAY Band Practice

Dennis is THE handy man around here! He customized a lighting fixture for my daughter's room and installed it, just before we started tearing into NIRVANA.

Practicing up for another show at BORDERS BOOKS & MUSIC in Schaumburg, IL...


Sending out lots of mail still! E-mail: if you would like to order anything. I even had to send out several duplicate packages due to the post office new service: PRIORITY DISAPPEARING MAIL (Delivery non-confirmation). Apparently the post office has hired several employees/magicians to make packages disappear into thin air. Oh well...


Another pic from the RANKIN/BASS TREASURY book of ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. working on MAD MONSTER PARTY (1967). Notice the unused JACK DAVIS poster on his drawing table! Not sure if PARDON ME PETE saw his shadow or not BUT I have had enough winter in CHICAGO! We got about 8 inches of snow Friday am.

Another cool image with H-B BANANA SPLITS in it!