Friday, October 09, 2020

I just signed a first edition hardcover. Most people don't realize how rare the hardcover edition is, as Arthur Rankin and Golden Books bought about half of them and a large amount were sent to me. This is the edition that sparked the Rankin/Bass merchandise we see every year now, in every store! In 2012, we did a special 15th Anniversary edition and added over 100 pages. Arthur Rankin helped and made it extra special. Today, our 20th Anniversary edition is 420 pages and loaded with visuals that I thought I would never see. It is one of our most popular books! #rankinbassproductions

Sinbad Jr. by Denis Goulet

Beautiful Indian Summer day 🌞🎃

I did a nice long Rankin/Bass interview with Christian at Entertainment weekly today! The article will most likely be out in late November. I tell you, this is a big Rankin/Bass year! Look for my RetroFan and ReMind magazine articles this holiday season too! #rankinbassproductions

Hamm's the beer of sky blue water

Happy Birthday John! #johnlennon #thebeatles 🎸

I Can See Clearly Now