Saturday, June 21, 2008

PATRICK in Michigan City, Indiana

Josh and I took a ride out to Michigan City, Indiana today to remember Patrick Owsley's Dad Jim at a nice memorial at FAITH CITY ASSEMBLY OF GOD Church. It was GREAT seeing PATRICK, LESLIE and Patrick's Mom again! I remember his dad as being a very nice, happy guy and we are all sorry to have lost him.
Josh, Myself and Patrick

Patrick and Leslie Owsley

Mel Crawford art!

Found this in an ANTIQUE MALL in Michigan City, Indiana today! Love the art of MEL CRAWFORD! He did the art in two other ROOTIE KAZOOTIE books I have and many HANNA-BARBERA GOLDEN BOOKS. GREAT stuff!

Would you believe? Missed it by that much...

Actually the NEW film missed it by ALOT! I don't like to say anything bad about a creative work BUT in my opinion, I would advise anyone that was going to spend money to see the spend it on either the TIME-LIFE box set of the original series OR season one of GET SMART (which will be released soon on DVD). My son JOSH and I love DON ADAMS and the original series! We were hopeful that the new film would at least be funny BUT we did not laugh one single time during it. Some people did...people that like to see MAX SMART dancing with an over weight woman or Max shooting himself in the face with darts or barfing in a bag on a jet or even seeing his naked behind. The original series developed the characters and made you like them. Don Adams had talent and personality. My son and I could not even remember what the plot was about in this film. There were lots of flashing computer screens, Russian type villians and a really bad backing score that was noisy and sounded like techno music from the 1990's. The Makers of this film decided to try to blend the TOM CRUISE verion of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE with comedy and should have focused on comedy. The action scenes were pointless and the plot was weak at best. HOLLYWOOD needs to quit trying to remake something that was/is already GREAT and come up with some NEW and FRESH ideas.

Friday, June 20, 2008

BURL IVES magazine article

I helped with a magazine article on BURL IVES for LIFE ON THE CEDAR magazine. Dorothy Ives and I have remained friends over the years and I love seeing BURL's legacy live on! What a talented legend.

RANKIN/BASS CD spectacular!

at VERY COOL RANKIN/BASS soundtrack CDs! I wrote the liner notes for both and the MMP CD actually has a nice booklet. It was issued with two covers (The 2nd being better than the first, which is the one currently available). TOP RATE PRODUCT featuring the music of MAURY LAWS & JULES BASS THANKS to Taylor White (CREATURE FEATURES).

Classic H-B art!

Ed Benedict art!
Dick Bickenback art


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Josephine and I ran into MITCH O' CONNELL and his wife ILSABE at the TIKI TERRACE tonight in Des Plaines, IL (Just down the street from the original McDONALD'S). It was our second time to this cool, TIKI restaurant

Tuesday, June 17, 2008