Thursday, April 25, 2019

I like Talent, Color and good writing with my MARVEL! They had that in 1961-1978! I could care less about box office

 This is my Marvel 1961-1978! When it was Merry and Marvelous and loaded with Talent! I picked this great book up a long while ago #marvelcomics #avengersendgame Collector's Call #metv #jackkirby #steveditko #johnromitasr #johnbuscema #donheck

April showers bring....

Who's your friend when things get rough?

A Don't miss event this weekend!

The subject of this Sunday's Collector's Call with my friend Walter Krueger #metv #sunday #television #thewizardofoz #rankinbassproductions #talesofthewizardofoz #wizard

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy 80th Birthday to Lee Majors! Tuesday night Starving Artists practice in celebration playing "Beginnings"

Major Steve Austin

NEW Postcards arrive! 2019 is the year of Frosty!

I just love CRAZY FOAM!

Join us in the Copper Room at CHILLER THEATRE this weekend! Bring back your childhood memories! REMIND MAGAZINE will be joining us too! BEST CON EVER!

The Creature of the Black Lagoon

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Who's coming?

Remembering Maury Laws this Easter Sunday

Easter slide show #3

Relaxing on a Sunny 77 degree Easter Sunday!

Peter Cottontail--Animation by UPA

ABC The Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town Promo 4/6/77

Happy Easter to you and yours!