Friday, August 27, 2021

My display at Dragon Con a few years back!


The Patio

Friday fun!

I helped with an Antiques Roadshow piece that is supposed to air in October on these two...

May only do one or two more appearances this year...

a message from Bob a few years back! Bob McGrath sent me this message today :) I think it might have been RANKIN/BASS' THE STINGIEST MAN IN TOWN 1978, that he did some group singing on: Bob McGrath Hey Rick Goldschmidt.. sorry I didn't get back to you before Aug 9.. would have asked you to pass a hello on to Jack Davis.. The Rankin Bass logo rang an old bell! I have a hunch that many years ago I did one of the many Christmas Specials RB produced as a group singer..possibly for a good friend Bernie Hoffer (arranger and composer)..Hope all is well with you..

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The Boris Karloff Documentary I appear in comes to theaters September 17th, 2021!

The long awaited Documentary on the life of Boris Karloff comes out next month!   I shot my interview at Chiller Theatre near Halloween, I believe three years ago (When Sara Karloff and I appeared together).  I did my interview just after Stephanie Powers and just before The Saint!  
The new documentary is confirmed to feature interviews with Guillermo Del Toro, John Landis, Joe Dante, Christopher Plummer, Peter Bogdanovich, Ron Perlman, Leonard Maltin, Sir Christopher Frayling, Sara Karloff, Gregory Mank, Roger Corman, Stephanie Powers, Ian Ogilvy, Norman Jewison, Orson Bean, Kevin Brownlow, Caroline Munro, Stephen Jacobs, Dick Miller, Peter Asher, Virginia Bates, Nehemiah Persoff, David J Skal, Donald F Glut, Derek Malcolm, Bernie Coleman, Lee Grant, Rick Goldschmidt, Stuart Hersh, Miles Kreuger, Valerie Yaros, H.M.Wynant, Diane Aubry, Anthony Pratt, Renee Glynne, Sharyn Moffett, Neil Pettigrew, Ruth Shiel, Courtlandt Hull, Ron Simon, Jaymz Bee, Thomas Hamilton, Ron MacCloskey, and more.

Beat the skyrocketing inflation and order early this year!!!!!


We had one in Oak Lawn just like this...




Tuesday, August 24, 2021

I sold out of these at the all-night flea market, but had some Fed Ex'd today! 🎃🎅 Back in-stock!

Lancelot Link

Charlie Watts R.I.P.

Ed Benedict

Top Cat

Rankin/Bass started ABC's Saturday morning in 1970! I was tuned in to Lance at 8 am too!

I am watching the ABC Fall previews!

Rankin/Bass' Tales of the Wizard of Oz. I think we sold out of our shirts last year. Love the design Wes Garlatz came up with! We wore them at the National Wizard of Oz Convention in Joliet, IL. C. 2012 Miser Bros Press/Rick Goldschmidt Archives #videocraftinternational #thewizardofoz #Lfrankbaum #rankinbassproductions

I have all of the movies, but this is a pretty cool cover!


Make sure you order issue #17 of Retro Fan magazine! My Mad Monster Party article will be in this issue with a few updates on various Rankin/Bass specials!

 Available October 13th, 2021!