Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our friends Jeremy and Mitch tell us there are two screenings of RANKIN/BASS' THE LAST UNICORN this weekend in Chicago! Saturday (today) @ gorilla tango and one at c2e2 sunday. The author of the book PETER S. BEAGLE will be appearing at both. If anyone goes, please let Peter know I need my LAST UNICORN one sheet and press kit back. I lent it to his agent for the LIONSGATE DVD release about 4 years ago and never got it back :(

Friday, April 16, 2010

It'a a RANKIN/BASS MAD MONSTER PARTY and you are all invited...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gorgous day in Chicagoland today! I did a ton of outdoor work and then came in to tighten up some songs! Helping my brother very early in the AM...

Slim Pickens (Tom Frederick)

Photographs by Tom Frederick
RANKIN/BASS' MAD MONSTER PARTY ad sheet $5 + $1 shipping. PAYPAL

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I enjoyed this at the theaters BUT I am enjoying it even more on BLU-RAY! Looking forward to watching the extras. JESSE'S TAVERN show next Tuesday night too 9pm! Just got back in from a bike ride and the weather is gorgous!
I am glad I got this years ago, when it first came out with the movie poster one-sheet cover. Look at this design and Batman's cape?


I watched the John Ford classic THE SEARCHERS last night in VISTAVISION and TECHNICOLOR and what an Amazing film! John Wayne gives an Oscar Worthy performance in this one and it is THE most beautiful representation of the old West ever shot on film. I had to watch all the extras and then head off to the gym! Jeffrey Hunter should have won best supporting actor and Natalie Wood plays Debbie fresh from her Oscar nominated performance in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. Lana Wood plays Debbie as a child. The story is most effective and I wish film makers of today would learn from a film like this (Some have). Most of the violence is hinted at or talked about, it is not shown and it doesn't need to be and is even more effective than showing it (Which most of today's film makers do?). Mike Nesmith got the idea for the classic MONKEE shirts from Wayne's shirt in this film and several others. A true classic!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RANKIN/BASS' HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL remastered in high definition

I picked this up at SAM'S CLUB tonight for $6.88. I looked for it before Easter, but couldn't find it in stores (WALMART carried it too). I watched it tonight and couldn't believe my eyes. This NEW high definition master blows away the old remastered DVD! You can see all the fabrics on the ANIMAGIC figures and the color is very bright! The picture is crisp and clear! I had some fans email me before the holiday and complain about the fuzziness of the old master...this is a HUGE improvement! I wasn't expecting it, due to the low cost of the DVD. It should have the name RANKIN/BASS on the cover and it has no EXTRAS (The first issue had PUSS 'N' BOOTS from FESTIVAL OF FAMILY CLASSICS) BUT it is well worth the money to re-buy and comes in a nice clear case. If you can't find it in stores, you can buy it at

I am still thinking SPRING! It will be 82 degrees here tomorrow and 83 degrees the next day!


RANKIN/BASS eye candy!
Watching lots of DISNEY'S ZORRO season 2 this week too!
We may be doing an informal gig at JESSE'S TAVERN in Chicago Ridge, IL tonight around 10pm


Get two RARE RANKIN/BASS DVDs or CDs (+ EXTRAS) with the purchase of the book at $55 (including shipping) this week! Email


Another wonderful Technicolor film I watched last night on the big screen! The film features two RANKIN/BASS alumni and a HUGE budget! Danny followed up WHITE CHRISTMAS with two of his finest films for PARAMOUNT...THE COURT JESTER and KNOCK ON WOOD (Which needs to be released on BLU RAY or DVD!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

I delved back into my JOHN WAYNE 100th ANNIVERSARY DVD box set of HOWARD HAWK's classic film RIO BRAVO last night! Absolutely one of my favorite films for many reasons. This is one of the best box sets ever issued with a beautiful reporduction of both the DELL COMIC BOOK and the WB PRESS BOOK. Magnificent performances by everyone in the cast including the wonderful Walter Brennan. John Wayne reinvents himself, Dean Martin gives an oscar worthy performance and 18 year old Ricky Nelson was perfectly cast as Colorado. Angie Dickenson was strong and beautiful!

artwork by JACK DAVIS
When Dean was ill in the hospital in 1993, I mailed him a package of my friend Jack Davis' recent western art. Dean absolutely loved westerns and was very proud of his role in RIO BRAVO. Dean responded with some signed photos to me.

Some cool original art comic strip SPIDER-MAN art I have...