Friday, June 06, 2014

A cool drink after a bike ride from my pal Patrick Owsley

This Sunday!

Come out to meet us this Sunday 5-8 pm on the NEW Patio at FOX'S PIZZA ORLAND PARK (Illinois).  If all goes well, we will be here every Sunday!  $12 Large Cheese Pizza special on SUNDAY and their Pizza is Amazing!  There is also a 10 for $10 entree special.   My family has been going here for many, many years and my Dad delivered Pizza for Mr. Fox when he started the business.  In this picture you will notice a NEW Metra structure across the street.  They bought out and bull dozed the mall that was across the street with one of my favorites...LANG LEE.   See you Sunday!

Thursday, June 05, 2014


Just added my friend Shane Prigmore to the RANKIN/BASS group art show! He works for Disney, Dreamworks, etc. This is one of my favorite pieces he did that is hanging on my wall

Hope to see you at 10:00 pm and then into my birthday (show ends at 1:30am)..then on to FOX'S PIZZA on my Birthday at 5pm until 8 pm

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Getting some old dirty Ape art ready for CREATURE FEATURES group art show!

My 16 x 16" canvas from my pal Greg Pair

Sunday, June 01, 2014

An Artist list for the CREATURE FEATURES event thus far...

Participating artists include: Bill Alger Jorge Baeza David Bamundo Alan Bodner Stephanie Buscema Julian Chaney Mark Christiansen Paul Coker, Jr. Jack Davis Gabi de la Merced Amanda Dempsey Jim Engel Kali Fontecchio Art Fuentes Rick Goldschmidt Phillip Graffham Kevin Graham Ness Head Bill Jackson Scott Jeralds Kup Kake Bob Lizarraga Albert Lozano Chris Mason Patrick McKay Ron Murphy Mitch O’Connell Eric October Patrick Owsley Jason Peltz Matt Pott Paige Pumphrey Merrill Rainey Jesse Rothbeind John Rozum Steve "The Dude" Rude Scott Christian Sava Shag Daniel Swartz Kristen Ulve Pedro Vargas Ben Von Strawn Aaron Waters Shelli Weldon Casey Wong Derek Yaniger


Dennis and I are playing at the FOX'S PIZZA RESTAURANT from 5-8 on their NEW patio facing 143rd street the next two Sundays in Orland Park and then the following two Sundays possibly in Mokena and Hillside.   My Dad knew Mr. Fox and delivered pizzas for him in the Beverly neighborhood with my uncles many years ago, when Mr. Fox first started his business.   Sundays in Orland Park they have $12 Cheese pizzas and Dine-in 10 items for $10.  Join their FACEBOOK page and come out and see us!


I have been waiting for the third and final installment in this series and it looks like it is starting to filter out BUT apparently it is missing the slipcase, that it was supposed to come with.  I read at the very beginning, when these books were announced, that the final book will come with the slipcase they advertised.   It looks like the book is under review at AMAZON now, because some might have complained or asked where the slipcase was?  I can't see that the publishing company would make fans buy all three books and then make them buy the slipcase OR offer a slipcase set, after the fans already bought the books?

I am waiting to hear what the story is behind the slipcase.  The 3 books need something to organize them.

Photos by Chris Wolfson