Saturday, July 02, 2022

4th of July, 2022

July is starting off right!

I am doing a couple of podcasts on July 5th and to my surprise, have been in talks about another network television appearance (more info to come).

I am appearing at the Wheaton all-night flea market in August and then the Halloween all-night flea market in October!   Also doing the Southside Comic book show in September at Alan B. Shepard high school.  There will be some new releases of Rankin/Bass product that I will be discussing soon too!

4th of July weekend special at

All books ordered at

are hardcovers and I just got some back in-stock!  I sign and draw in every book and you can get a bundle discount when you order two or more!   As something extra special for the holiday weekend, you will get a handsigned Paul Coker, Jr. Frosty the Snowman postcard with every book order.   Paul boldly signed these in thick sharpie by Frosty on a glossy card at age 92.  We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! 

4th of July weekend

Robin, the boy wonder

Christmas in July

The Patio


Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Wednesday Birthday bash

Superman in the jungle




June 29th


Vintage Walt Disney