Friday, February 15, 2008


Patrick Owsley sends this cool JACK DAVIS UNIROYAL ad from 1968. Jack designed many of the RANKIN/BASS Shows and is a friend. I have quite a DAVIS collection. Click image to enlarge.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Watch Out For That Tree!

The classic JAY WARD cartoon series GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE came out yesterday at the right price $14.99. It has all the TOM SLICK & SUPER CHICKEN cartoons on it too. Nice packaging! Wish they would have restored the series is not re-mastered. My friend JUNE FORAY did plenty of voices for this series and it is GREAT to watch!



THE POLICE are coming 'round again!

Andy, Sting and Stewart are sweeping through NORTH AMERICA again with ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Do you remember the TEACHER Valentine in every box?

Hiroshi Tabata works on THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY (1968)

....from THE RANKIN/BASS TREASURY! Book #3 in the RANKIN/BASS line by myself.


This special definitely falls under the RARE RANKIN/BASS file in the archives! It is also a fun special to watch! FLIP WILSON, THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS, GROUCHO MARX, JACK BENNY, GEORGE BURNS, PHYLLIS DILLER, etc. AMAZING talent rounded up by ARTHUR RANKIN and JULES BASS for their HIGHEST RATED TV special. Bruce Stark designed the show.

Monday, February 11, 2008

DONNA BUNNY with BONNIE BONNET has the HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL figures...including BONNIE BONNET and DONNA BUNNY with Heart Accesory for VALENTINE'S DAY! High Quality figures from a RANKIN/BASS classic!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Custom figures

This is a custom set of resin figures of the FROSTY family from a RANKIN/BASS fan! They are based on the way they appeared in RUDOLPH & FROSTY'S CHRISTMAS IN JULY (1979).

ST. VALENTINE'S DAY is coming!

Here is a cool hand painted VALENTINE'S DAY Thank You card I got from my friend BOB DUBE that he painted in 2002. HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL has a nice Valentine's Day section.

Review of THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF DANNY KAYE from Romeo Muller's scrapbook

Click to emlarge for reading purposes.

TV GUIDE clipping

Here is a cool clipping courtesy of my pal RON MURPHY!

Collector's CD

Posted the Collector's CD of HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL on EBAY under ANIMAGIC1...before you know it, it will be here! I am saying that with several inches of snow on the ground in Chicago and below zero weather. Enjoy!