Friday, May 25, 2012

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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Local and National Groups Seek Action from Illinois Attorney General

Illinois' Cable and Video Competition Law of 2007 protects the public's channels, known as public, educational and government (PEG) access channels. But AT&T continues to thumb its nose at the law, preventing viewers from easily finding and using the channels and excluding the public's programming from its program guides. Local governments and PEG centers are seeking enforcement to protect the only channels devoted entirely to local community use.

Elk Grove Village Mayor, Craig Johnson speaks out in a new video, calling for AT&T to meet its obligation to provide local residents with the "best quality, best availability, and best product possible for local access TV."

Alliance for Community Media Executive Director Sylvia Strobel and Alliance for Communications Democracy President Rob Brading recently requested a meeting with AG Lisa Madigan to discuss AT&T U Verse treatment of PEG channels. In a recent letter, they said:

"ACM and ACD leaders come from communities that are directly affected by AT&T. As AT&T continues to roll out a system that we consider to be sub par and discriminatory toward the public's channels, we want to discuss with you what Illinois' enforcement plans are in light of what we view to be the strongest state law regarding PEG carriage and support."

Chicago Access Network Television and Illinois NATOA have also requested meetings with Attorney General Madigan.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Come to order....come to order...

Here's Johnny!

Watched AMERICAN MASTERS over the weekend on PBS and learned quite a bit about Johnny!  Did not know the unusual relationship he had with his mother.