Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Shared by my friend Jim Alexander on Facebook: Roddy McDowall (birth name: Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude McDowall) was born on this day in 1928, in Herne Hill, London, England. McDowall was an avid photographer and home movie enthusiast, taking photographs of dozens of Hollywood's most famous celebrities, as well as extensive home movies--such as this one, which he shot during the making of 1967's PLANET OF THE APES.

I had to start decorating on such a beautiful night! A little at a time after surgery!

Beautiful night at 66 degrees to dine al fresco at The Patio!

 The BEST Chicken and Wild Rice soup and BBQ Pretzel Bacon Cheese burger!

Animal Care Center of Downers Grove · 6 hrs · Everyone please give a warm welcome to our newest Veterinarian, Dr. Sara Goldschmidt! πŸ‘©‍⚕️πŸ‘❣🐾 Dr. Goldschmidt began at our sister clinic, ACC of Plainfield in June 2017. Dr. Goldschmidt has specific interests in emergency, internal medicine, surgery, and EXOTICS! (That's right, we now have an exotic veterinarian🦎🦜🐒🐰🐍🐹🐸) Outside the clinic, Dr. Goldschmidt enjoys playing music – including guitar, ukulele, and bass. She also spends time reading, running, doing yoga, rock climbing, cooking, and gardening. She has 2 cats named Finn and Arya at home. Dr. Goldschmidt we are so lucky to have you a part of our ACC of Downers Grove family! Welcome!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

This is always our big seller in the Fall! Signing and drawing in right now!


Saturday fun

We corrected the time on next weekend's show! The Starving Artists are playing a block party Saturday night in Oak Lawn!

Lily Sodin

 Rocky's daughter Lily made me a comic book today!  We put a drawing she did of Frosty in our new book Rankin/Bass' Frosty the Snowman's 50th Anniversary Scrapbook!   Our 6th book, due out for the holidays!    Keep an eye out for me on CBS this year to celebrate!

Rocky Sodin's Southside Comic Book Show #2 was a big hit with old and young alike!

 Attendance was up nearly double from last year and on a beautiful September weather day too!
 I rolled out some extremely rare stuff on DVD and in my portfolios today!
 Darryl Young and I finally met (even though we have been friends on Facebook for a long while and have done shows together) and he gifted me this cool R/B Button set!

 Darryl, who was quite busy selling today!
 My friend Chris Radz stopped by and wanted me to send best wishes to my Dad.   They worked together on the Alsip Police Department and Chris became the Police Chief for many years until he retired.
 My neighbor George Tackes biked the 5 miles to the show, two years in a row!   Good to see him out and he and Darryl had a nice chat!
 I am ready for the next one!  Rocky and I are doing TOYZ 'N' COSPLAY next Sunday in Oak Lawn 9-2 pm!
 They had great food at the show and I ate early, but had to hit RAISING CANE'S on the way home!   BEST Chicken anywhere!
 I played Basketball at the Apollo when I was in Jr. High, but I remembered today that I took my first guitar lessons there in the early 1970s.   I remember the lessons were the night The Rookies were on and I hated to miss The Rookies.
79 for the High today and no humidity!   Beautiful, September Fall weather has arrived!!!

It definitely is an Enchanted world!