Saturday, September 09, 2017

Palermo's Saturday night 🍕

Dark Shadows

The Creature of the black lagoon

Mask and shirt



Glenn Strange

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Quick Draw McGraw

Owen and Lindsey


55 years ago?

The Monkees

Are you ready?

Famous Monsters of filmland

October 22nd, 2017 Noon Palm Springs, CA



Tuesday, September 05, 2017



Bat Breakfast

I love all of my Martin and Lewis puppets!

At Chiller Theatre

The Three Stooges


Elvis and the Colonel

A Big Fall on the horizon! 👻

We have a wonderful Fall coming up! We will be seeing Rankin/Bass fans on the West and East Coast in October 🎃 It's Mad Monster Party's 50th and it will be busy!  The Mad Monster Party edition of Screem Magazine and Monster Bash magazine will be available at Chiller Theatre 👻 Our first Shag Store appearance (West Hollywood) is about 5 weeks away and I should have Shag's 🎨 teaser Any day now.  Our Palm Springs store appearance is about 6 weeks away and I understand, it will have an all-new look.  I finally get to hang out with Kevin at Chiller Theatre and he has put together an Amazing guest list for the Halloween show 🕷 I have a new book project cooking (Big surprise) and some 3-D sculptures on the fire for Halloween and the holidays 🎅 I just need to recover from my eye surgery over the next few weeks and then the fun begins! 💀 #rankinbass #halloween #shag #theshagstores #chillertheatre #fall #october #popculture #westhollywood #palmsprings #newjersey