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United States Rankin/Bass postage stamps coming this Fall!


About a year and a half ago, I was asked to write and correct The history of RANKIN/BASS' RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER by the United States Post Office.  What a wonderful project, completely giving credit to the people that actually created the classic TV Special and the reason it has been on TV for 50 years:  Arthur Rankin, Jr., Jules Bass (who they mistakingly called SAUL), I added Maury Laws, Romeo Muller, Bernard Cowan, Tony Peters and others!  These are the guys that made the special soooo special.  Get the FIRST DAY issue with all of the extra stuff including the text...I think it will be out around October 23rd.

They showed me the stamp designs and asked myself and Arthur Rankin, Jr. for our opinions.  I am so glad Arthur got to see them and he was very proud.

I wish HALLMARK would have consulted me on their ornament this year.   Rudolph's legs look like they are flopping all over the place.   Years ago, ENESCO called me up at a book signing I was doing at AMAZING FANTASY BOOKS at Easter Time, after seeing me on WGN MORNING NEWS.  They hired me to consult on their RUDOLPH line around 1999.   That line was Amazing!  Nothing has matched it since.  They really cared about the quality and the actual RANKIN/BASS TV Special.

This is a BIG year for the classic RANKIN/BASS TV Special!  I have been asked to speak about THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS at Notre Dame University and we will be doing many special appearances.  We hope to go back to Bermuda and expand the exhibit on Arthur's works.   I wish I could say optimistic things about the BLU RAY and DVD release this year BUT I can not.  Oh well... Onward and Upwards! 


Happy 50th Yukon! C. 2001 LANE SMITH/RICK GOLDSCHMIDT ARCHIVES My pal Lane Smith (JAMES & THE GIANT PEACH, STINKY CHEESE MAN, etc.) did this art for my book THE MAKING OF THE RANKIN/BASS HOLIDAY CLASSIC: RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER. He said my first book inspired him and for the next several years, he sent me every book he released with a drawing in it and it is a HUGE stack of books

I am an expert on a few things and this is one of them.  I could write another book on the subject.

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The great Basil Gogos

Painting for the cover of MONSTERSCENE magazine, that my first MAD MONSTER PARTY article appeared in.   The back cover featured a color photograph I provided from the film.  I gave the magazine to Arthur Rankin, Jr. to read on the way back to New York from my home :)

Tributes paid to Arthur Rankin Jr | The Royal Gazette:Bermuda News

Tributes paid to Arthur Rankin Jr | The Royal Gazette:Bermuda News

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I have Adam West for my Christmas tree and year round :)  I love how HALLMARK recreated the 1966 LIFE MAGAZINE cover.  Some fans have sent me pictures of the statues by TWEETERHEAD?  Not a fan of those at all.  HOT TOYS created something that will be very hard to beat! 


The only thing good about the BATMAN '66 MEETS THE GREEN HORNET comic book series are the covers by my friend Alex Ross :)  The insides are and all!  God awful!