Saturday, July 26, 2008

Recording project

Wrote a new song for my latest recording project called "Young Samson." Recording on a 24 track system in MARGARITAVILLE with Tom Margarites. Making good use of my GIBSON LES PAUL Double cutaway guitar.


I still have CD #1 with all the RARE Tracks, Demos and logo music from the RANKIN/BASS archives! Showcases the genius of MAURY LAWS & JULES BASS! Tracks from KING KONG, MAD MONSTER PARTY, the MISER BROS Themes, etc. Cool Stuff! E-mail:

Friday, July 25, 2008


This is definitely something to look forward to! Should be out soon and my friend PATRICK OWSLEY did the sensational art for the packaging! He did a logo right from the series BUT for some reason they decided not to use it...their loss.

SANTA CLAUS restoral

Here is a picture before the ANIMAGIC restoral of RANKIN/BASS' SANTA CLAUS from their TV Spectacular RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER. The resoral was performed by

The MAD, MAD, MAD COMEDIANS (1970) collector's DVD is in!

E-mail: This was the highest rated RANKIN/BASS TV special and starred THE MARX BROTHERS, FLIP WILSON, THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS, W.C.FIELDS (Voiced by PAUL FREES), PHYLLIS DILLER, GEORGE JESSEL and many others! You can even see POPEYE and DEAN MARTIN & JERRY LEWIS in the audience.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


360 degrees

Putting green ala Cassola...


Josh and I played 36 holes of golf today in the AT&T Mini-golf tournament at HOLLYWOOD PARK in Crestwood, Illinois! GORGOUS DAY to do so!

I also mailed out 20 RANKIN/BASS DVD if you ordered one from me this week, it is on it's way. More to come! Just got in the MAD, MAD, MAD COMEDIANS (RARELY seen RANKIN/BASS Special from 1970), the extended version of THE BERMUDA DEPTHS with the scenes only seen in the European market and THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS (BEST SELLER!)!


HOLLYWOOD PARK has this BATMAN costume from ADAM WEST's collection. It was made for the 30th Anniversary of the 1966 series and worn by him in a BATMAN magazine FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND issued. I can tell the components were made by my pal CLINT YOUNG and the cowl came from WALLY WINGERT (as did the one in my collection).

There are LOTS of posts in JULY on my BLOG! To see them all, click the JULY 2008 link just to the right of this post!

BEAUTIFUL DAY! Feels like Christmas in July!

Josh had two HOLE-IN-ONES!

One of the concept SPIDER-MAN costumes seen in the first film starring Tobey McGuire!

We even managed to squeeze in some BASEBALL today!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BATMAN: The movie 1966

You can't beat this film! Nice alternative to watching an extremely violent and disturbing , over-hyped film like THE DARK KNIGHT. Not sure what the company was thinking when they designed this cover though....probably of tapping into the DARK KNIGHT audience.

TIME & SPACE are in SAN DIEGO for the con this weekend!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RUDOLPH restoral project

Here is RUDOLPH before restoral by Seamus and Robin Walsh at SCREEN NOVELTIES! Visit for the rest of the story. They are restoring OCTAVIA from THE FIRST CHRISTMAS (1975) right now. They made a RANKIN/BASS ANIMAGIC figure of JINGLE BELLS for my friend PAUL DINI, a few years ago. They also did the GREAT ANIMAGIC type segment of THE FLINTSTONES ON THE ROCKS, which resembled the VIEW-MASTER treatments of the HANNA-BARBERA characters.

Monday night at the WHITE SOX VS. TEXAS RANGERS game

Josh and I had pretty good seats near Left Field...
Where else can you pay $22 for parking? Your car gets packed in like a sardine and you get your bumper scratched at no extra charge.
ALL STAR WHITE SOX Left Fielder Carlos Quentin!

It is a bit fuzzy...BUT this was right before JOSH HAMILTON hit a three run homer! It was GREAT to see him in action! He set a record in the ALL STAR GAME HOME RUN Derby this year with something like 28 HRs in one round. He already has something like 98 RBIs! AMAZING! JOSH GOLDSCHMIDT became a BIG fan of his tonight!

One of my co-workers...AD and her friend were there! She gave us a BIG box of RASINETS!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

SUNDAY under a shady tree...

My pal DENNIS RIORDAN (Bass player in THE STARVING ARTISTS) built a new box (With very little help from me) around my HUGE Maple tree in front of my house. A big improvement over the one that was there from the previous owner! THANKS Den!


We were sorry to hear about the deaths of half the STINGRAY pool (Approx. 15) at BROOKFIELD ZOO's STINGRAY BAY. Apparently, there was an equipment malfuntion or power surge and they were found in 90 degree water last Monday am.