Saturday, July 01, 2017

We have these in-stock now! Sizes small through 3XL...order away for Summer! It is Christmas in July!

Martin Grams (Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Con) wrote this...

Just finished reading RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER by Rick Goldschmidt, a 216 page hardcover documenting the making of the television special with photos of the recording sessions, reprints of the sketch boards, deleted dialogue, reprint of the script, and lots of behind-the-scenes details. Wrote a rave review on my blog, scheduled for November, but recommend you grab a copy today. Looking forward to watching the CBS TV special again in December to take note of things I had not noticed before!


Original Rudolph Storyboards

For more storyboards, pick up my book The making of the Rankin/Bass holiday classic:  Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer hardcover


The horse is from The New Adventures of Pinocchio and there were two Santas that survived!  For more Awesome photos of the horse and Pinocchio sets, pick up our book The Arthur Rankin, Jr. Scrapbook:  The Birth of Animagic!  Our 20th Anniversary book has new information on the Animagic figures with full page color pictures!

Tad Mochinaga exhibit is open in Japan!


An early turn around model sheet for FANG from the collection of Tad Mochinaga.  This was before they decided to make FANG hairless.   The Salad Spoon that Arthur gave me made by the puppet makers, also has hair like this! 

I gave my Monster Bash talk last weekend at this time!

I gave my Mad Monster Party talk a week ago tonight at MONSTER BASH!   I did bring up the many names they went through for the film, starting in 1965.   Here is another one!  MAD MONSTER RALLY!  It was originally called MONSTER CONVENTION, then THE MONSTER MOVIE!   Ultimately, MAD was worked into the title.  I believe Harvey Kurtzman had much to do with the final title of MAD MONSTER PARTY?   I think the question mark and title were sort of a comical swipe at MAD MAGAZINE.   Two BIG MAD MAGAZINE guys worked on the film, so MAD had to be worked in somehow.  Frazetta actually worked for MAD MAGAZINE too, so 3 MAD guys!  

Friday, June 30, 2017

James Bama

My friend Cortlandt is working on a part 2 Aurora model DVD with Mort!


The Munsters

Laurel and Hardy

Going to watch Stan and Ollie this holiday weekend 藍 I wish they would release the cartoons! #stanlaurel #oliverhardy #larryharmon #hannabarbera

Jason's Deli

All ready for the 4th!

Had a nice Birthday lunch with my fiancee Denise!

I received a call from Commissioner Gordon for my Birthday! He could not reach our beloved Batman 😔 #neilhamilton


Birthday practice!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Good to be back Home!  They really rolled out the red carpet in Pittsburgh!  Thanks to my pal Kevin Kriess for the hospitality and this cool Rankin/Bass rug!  He sells it at #rankinbass #christmasinjuly #frostythesnowman #karen #hocuspocus

Kevin Kriess

Back from Pittsburgh! Half Price Books was fun! Thanks to the staff..Kathy and Nicole and to everyone who came out!

Dick Sprang wallpaper by Jim Engel

Evans City

Monday, June 26, 2017

Half Price Books Bethel Park, PA

The Honeymooners


Screen Gems friends in 1960

Elvis at his best!

You can also visit through his website..

If you live in the Pittsburgh area (Evans), check out my friend Kevin's store/museum!

Rankin/Bass book signing at Half Price Books in Bethel Park, PA Today! I will be there 2-4 pm! 4000 Oxford lane

Cool package delivery in Pittsburgh!