Saturday, July 01, 2017

I gave my Monster Bash talk last weekend at this time!

I gave my Mad Monster Party talk a week ago tonight at MONSTER BASH!   I did bring up the many names they went through for the film, starting in 1965.   Here is another one!  MAD MONSTER RALLY!  It was originally called MONSTER CONVENTION, then THE MONSTER MOVIE!   Ultimately, MAD was worked into the title.  I believe Harvey Kurtzman had much to do with the final title of MAD MONSTER PARTY?   I think the question mark and title were sort of a comical swipe at MAD MAGAZINE.   Two BIG MAD MAGAZINE guys worked on the film, so MAD had to be worked in somehow.  Frazetta actually worked for MAD MAGAZINE too, so 3 MAD guys!  

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