Saturday, October 25, 2008

Listing book #1 on EBAY!

I am going to post book #1/Book proof on EBAY this weekend! So happy to have this book back in print again! I forgot that I updated the BURL IVES FOREWORD page with a RARE Alternate picture and a different picture of his home in recent years too! It will be listed under seller ANIMAGIC1. The BIG toy show in St. Charles, IL is tomorrow am!

SATURDAY Afternoon in the Fall...

Josh is doing a "Fakey Big Spin"


The Dolphin show...

"You didn't have my back!"

Josh checks out the HAY RIDE...

McD items!

Back to the ANTIQUE MALL this am before the zoo..
Here is a large 1968 RONALD McDONALD hand puppet. The booth we always buy from is from a seller that worked for McDonald's as a designer and re-designed RONALD in the 1970's. I have a cool commercial of RONALD in a space ship from this era.

They had a nice bank of the singing trash cans that are on my MOUSE ON THE MAYFLOWER DVD!


PROOF comes in!

The Proof arrives AND I REALLY like it! The front cover features a black leatherette style hardcover with a square indentation and a dark and colorful image/Sticker of the NEW cover on it! The pages are crisp and clear as I wanted them and am so THANKFUL to have this back in print again! I may list this BOOK #1 on EBAY over the weekend to get things rolling. As I said before, this will be a VERY LIMITED print run, so get yours as soon as possible!

Thursday, October 23, 2008



The EXTRAS on the NEW dvd are pretty much a joke. They are made for kids BUT they won't even enjoy them. SING-A-LONGS and a crafty person named SNOWFLAKE (Should have been FLAKEY) makes a SNOW GLOBE. Just what we wanted to see on a RANKIN/BASS COLLECTION DVD. There is also a disturbing BLUE RAY commercial with images from adult films on here courtesy of WARNER BROTHERS? Nice cover though!

I still have MAD MONSTER PARTY posters!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have been a member of FANDERSON in the UK going back to the US releases of the GERRY ANDERSON shows on DVD in the US: STINGRAY, FIREBALL XL-5, SUPERCAR, CAPTAIN SCARLET, THUNDERBIRDS, JOE 90, etc. I love SUPERMARIONATION! I have this EXCELLENT UK ANNUAL on EBAY under seller ANIMAGIC1 Enjoy!


I picked up the NEW LOONEY TUNES set and LOVE the content and the JERRY BECK book that was attached at BEST BUY.....but the art on the packaging hit an all-time low! It looks like a sixth grader drew the LOONEY TUNES characters on the box and on the discs! Who is running the home video department at WARNER BROTHERS now? They need to use the art by the classic artists at WB!!!! I have this VERY cool vintage CAROON-O-GRAPH sketch board from the 1940's for sale! It is HUGE and it was manufactured in Chicago. GREAT classic art!

MAURY LAWS: RANKIN/BASS Composer Here is an interview with MAURY that Patrick Phillips sent over! MAURY is also featured in the documentary "We Are Santa's Elves" on the deluxe DVD of THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS (Available at TARGET Stores right now!)



This JACK DAVIS ad was in this past Sunday's newspaper! He still has it! As you may or may not know, JACK designed many of the RANKIN/BASS shows including MAD MONSTER PARTY and THE KING KONG SHOW! Jack has done special drawings for both of my books and is a GREAT guy and one of my favorite artists!

calling PAUL COKER, JR.

I talked with my pal PAUL COKER, JR. yesterday! I thanked him for signing the 2008 RANKIN/BASS CHRISTMAS CARD...which are available now! Check the right hand column. We also talked about the possibility of a RANKIN/BASS reunion for THE DR. PHIL SHOW in Hollywood! He was very excited about that! Check PAUL out, in his living room, drawing the MISER BROS and FROSTY in the documentary "We Are Santa's Elves," which is an EXTRA on the deluxe YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS DVD and it is also included in the new box set CLASSIC CHRISTMAS FAVORITES!



Here is a site for Halloween fun Looks like a nice tribute to a GREAT RANKIN/BASS film!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MUSIC and BOOKS! Many have been asking about my 3rd printing of THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO! I am told I will have the 1st HARDCOVER Copy this weekend to proof! It will be VERY LIMITED, numbered and signed. It will differ slightly from the original release BUT I am trying to get the black and white pages to be crisper and sharper than the original PLUS I added a few new pics, etc. I am thinking, due to the cost to me, it will sell in the $75 price range. I have asked for a better discount BUT I am not sure I will get it. Stay tuned!


The ELVIS PRESLEY TV WEEK I had on my blog last week sold for nearly $500 at auction last week! It made me think of this cool 1975 ad that my pal Ron Murphy gave me. We would catch the King's movies on channel 7 in Chicago and they would cut out half of his songs for time. I remember seeing this ad in TV GUIDE when I was small and after it was gone, I wished I had kept it. I was always a fan of cartoon illustrations!


This is another one of my absolute favorite RANKIN/BASS ANIMAGIC Productions! It was filmed during the making of RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER with the same voice cast! You could read all about it in my thrid printing of THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO. Willy was voiced by my friend BILLIE MAE RICHARDS (Voice of RUDOLPH)!


For some reason, people have been bidding like crazy on this DVD on EBAY! I love the special and the wonderful ANIMAGIC....word must have gotten out somewhere! It aired on THANKSGIVING DAY in 1966 and Johnny Marks wrote all of the songs, as he did in RUDOLPH. JAMES CAGNEY does a wonderful job of story telling too!


Rick Goldschmidt's Facebook profile


Robin Walsh restores SANTA CLAUS
KEVIN KRIESS explains how they were discovered!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Speaking of cereal boxes, this is another original cereal box back I have from a KELLOGG'S Box that I have for sale. It features WILLIE MAYS, THE SAY HEY KID on it and I still have collector's DVDs of the RANKIN/BASS SATURDAY SUPERSTAR MOVIE of WILLIE MAYS, THE SAY HEY KID too! It features four episodes of THE TOMFOOLERY SHOW as well! I love these KELLOGG'S 3-D baseball cards and I have quite a few! If you look hard, you can see MR. CUB...ERNIE BANKS! I just heard that the CHICAGO CUBS won the "YOU MAKE ME SICK!" award for 2008!


Josh and I found this old CHEERIOS box and I was going to list it on EBAY BUT Josh wanted to keep it. Features the classic characters from THE HOPPITY HOOPER SHOW: Filmore, Hoppity and Waldo Wigglesworth. Watch the Hoppity Hooper Show Saturday mornings on ABC!

SPECIAL EDITION: THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO is at the printer's and here are some sample pages!!!

I did it! Finally got THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO 3rd printing to the printer!!!! This is going to be a VERY LIMITED Release in a very nice quality within a hard cover! The demand has been GREAT! I have received tons of e-mail requests for the book. As you may or may not know, the original hardcover has been selling up to $750.00 through used book stores. This release will be considerably less BUT due to the costs involved, I can not sell it cheap nor can I give out comp copies to friends or relatives. I got tired of waiting for publishers to get off their tails and do something to release a third edition, so I decided to cut out the middleman and do it myself. This way I could control the quality and simply....GET IT DONE! I will have books by HALLOWEEN! I did not want to take pre-orders to avoid customer disatisfaction...when I have books in hand, I will sell them. I am very excited about this and will be promoting it on national televison this year! If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me at A VERY Special THANKS goes out to DOUG RANNEY for preparing the files and to TONY AMATO for the NEW cover! Also to SHAG for his MISER BROS image and KEVIN KRIESS for the ANIMAGIC pics!