Friday, May 22, 2015


One of the many cool perks we have to offer with our RANKIN/BASS DOCUMENTARY Campaign at INDIEGOGO is this cool hand-signed and numbered giclee print by our friend SHAG!   He has never made this art available before and it is a wonderful tribute to Rankin/Bass' MISER BROS!  Find out more about it right here:  The Enchanted Wold of RANKIN/BASS Documentary

NEW book!

The story of my musical journey will be included in the book: '88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life' by Joann Pierdomenico, to be released June 1st as an E book and in paperback.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another sweet day!


For MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, we are doing some special things at One of the things is this. Any book order starting now through midnight Sunday night, gets a hand signed bookplate FREE ($20 value). This also includes PRE-ORDERS for THE ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. SCRAPBOOK HARDCOVER (Which is at the printer now: Can't wait!). The book plate is signed by RANKIN/BASS Designers Jack Davis and Paul Coker, Jr. and myself. I can personalize it to you or a friend as well. You can also get Package discounts with multiple book orders. Mention BOOK PLATE with your order.

I hear it is RED NOSE DAY today!


Arthur Rankin, Jr.

Arthur Rankin, Jr. at his home in Bermuda, just after the release of our book THE 15th ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO We have lots of nice things to say about this man in our documentary film and Thankfully, have several interviews with him before he passed away last year.

Check this out in Chicago!

If you have never been to the museum, you are in for a treat!  My favorite museum in Chicago for many reasons!  Loaded with great stuff and our friend Jim Engel did most of the displays and they are greeeeeaaaat!   I haven't been down to see the SVENGOOLIE display yet BUT saw many pictures and loved it!  I have been going through my advertising collection recently, after hearing about this and want to see this exhibit too.  Great stuff!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

CBS bring back talent to the network :)

When you had to have talent to be on television and run things!  A bunch of violent, cliche promos were run just before the airing of the I Love Lucy special.

Peapod with Josh Saturday


JOHN STEPHENSON R.I.P. Glad he made it to 91. He voiced so many great cartoon characters, especially for HANNA-BARBERA including Dr. Quest (JONNY QUEST) and Mr. Slate (THE FLINSTONES). He is all over the first season blu ray set of I LOVE LUCY smoking Phillip Morris and hosting I LOVE LUCY :) A great character actor and voice actor!