Saturday, August 14, 2010

VOLCOM BRAND JEANS TOUR 08-14-2010 Northbrook, IL first stop of tour

Chris landed some great tricks!

Chris Pfanner

VOLCOM Pro Skater demo

David Gonzalez

I broke out my ELVIS guitar on ELVIS weekend! I have WTTW on right now and they are showing an ELVIS LIVES concert with his original band and backup singers...sounding just as great as ever.
Dennis Riordan on BASS GUITAR

Dave's Mother BUGS...

It was 93 degrees today!

The Birthday boy

Friday, August 13, 2010

One of my favorite shows to watch on the weekend in Chicago on ME TOO


I have been getting many requests for this one lately....Thanksgiving must be right around the corner with school starting back up. I remember this being shown at school. I put the cover on archival paper copied from the master. BING CROSBY was the original choice to star in the special, BUT TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD did the final narration.
Lon salutes our armed forces and little Bela Jr.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just finished watching ELVIS ON TOUR...very enjoyable. I forgot how good the behind the scenes footage is! Martin Scorcese put together the documentary montage sections. I remember cutting an ad out for an ELVIS show from the newspaper, around this time period c. 1972 and asking my parents to take me to his concert at the INTERNATIONAL AMPITHEATRE...not sure why we didn't make the show.
Coming to a DVD Player near you....

from Chris Wolfson

I want one!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When Josh and I got to Lollapalooza, we saw a band called XJAPAN. We weren't quite sure what they were all about. Their music was sort of Heavy metal hair band rock and the lead singer had an Early 1970's Elvis look. Well, ABC NEWS (National) did a news story on the band's drummer Yoshiki tonight on the 5:30pm nightly news. They said the band is "Bigger than the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen combined" and Yoshiki is one of the biggest stars there and is featured on credit cards, jewelry, he has his own racing team and even a YOSHIKITTY doll (A HELLO KITTY doll). Yoshiki said he saw KISS as a kid and that decided his future. They showed LOLLAPALOOZA and you could see Josh and I in the crowd shot at the side of the stage. Josh reminded me, we were also on the big screen during the SOUNDGARDEN show and they may release the show on DVD/BLU RAY. There is going to be a big article on SOUNDGARDEN in the next ROLLING STONE too.

I found this cool T-shirt in my closet...