Saturday, August 03, 2013


from Ron Murphy

Ali Gator

I took this photo at the MUSEUM OF BROADCAST in Chicago before it moved a few times.  It was located in the South loop for a while and I visited a few times.  This Ali Gator puppet was on display with the GARFIELD GOOSE & FRIENDS puppets BUT disappeared when it moved into the Cultural Center and not sure what the story is behind it.  Roy Brown was the puppeteer for the classic Chicago kid's TV show.


A photograph I took of THE Lone Ranger shortly before they took his mask away!  I think he finally got his mask back BUT he had to wear sunglasses for a while because of a long forgotten, putrid film.

A picture I took of my sister Lindsey in the Batmobile at Evergreen Plaza..many years back :)


Me and a couple of costumed guys at McCormick Place about 25 years ago!  ZOWIE!