Saturday, January 30, 2021

Weekend snow


R.I.P. "Miss Clean" ... Belgian-American actress / singer / dancer / author MONIQUE VAN VOOREN (25 March 1927 - 28 January 2020 - age 92) ... Attached Photo: She portrayed the character 'Miss Clean' who partnered with 'The Penguin' (Burgess Meredith) in the 1968 "Batman" TV episode titled "Penguin's Clean Sweep" ... She had played 'Miss Clean' (altho uncredited) in a previous "Batman" 1968 episode titled "Nora Clavicle And The Ladies Crime Club".Van Vooren has only 21 TV / movie credits as an actress spanning 1950-2012, but 30 additional TV appearances as herself - mostly on talk shows and game shows ... A champion skater, actress and beauty queen in Belgium, she moved permanently to the United States in the early 1950s - not only securing roles on Broadway, but she was tapped for the co-starring role as 'Lyra The She-Devil' in the 1953 action flick "Tarzan And The She-Devil".As a singer, van Vooren recorded an album in 1958 titled "Mink In HiFi" and as an author, she published "Night Sanctuary" (1983) which she described as being about "the dark side of people" ... Apparently, this included her own dark side because that same year, she was found guilty of lying before a federal grand jury over the question of whether she had pocketed her dead mother's Social Security payments ... Her mother had died in 1957 ... But she received a suspended sentence while being ordered to get psychiatric help and perform 500 hours of community service.

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