Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When cartoon art was well designed! THANKS to Ron Murphy once again.
I have this one-sheet somewhere...I need to dig it out.


THANKS to my pal Ron Murphy for giving me this issue of LIFE magazine! The article is mentioned in the trailer for the feature film.

Sid & Marty Krofft's PUFNSTUF the movie (1970)

I picked this up at WALMART last week for $7.50 and I was bowled over by the quality of the picture and sound...well worth picking up. I never really watched the feature film and I really liked the 1970's music and the transition to the big screen (The only thing I missed was Lennie Weinrib's voices).

RANKIN/BASS' MARCO (1973) has the RANKIN/BASS feature film MARCO on sale now for $8.99! I believe the DVD is out-of-print, so grab your copy soon! The film is fun to watch for several reasons. One is the wonderful ANIMAGIC sequence for the song "Peace Berries"! Famed RANKIN/BASS screenplay writer ROMEO MULLER appears in the film and also wrote the screenplay and the song lyrics for this one! I also enjoy the Maury Laws music and Arthur Rankin's direction!

VAN EATON GALLERIES has some of the coolest H-B original art! I bought a GREAT MUSH MOUSE drawing from them that appeared in the HANNA-BARBERA TREASURY book by my pal Jerry Beck! Come and see us May 29th at THE BRAZEN HEAD in Crestwood, IL!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Who was that masked man?

Clayton Moore was born and lived for a short time in my mother's hometown of Mt.Carmel, Il.
There used to be a sign out in front of his childhood home "This is the home of Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger".
Whoever lives in the house now no longer uses the sign-for what reason I don't know!


I watched this film last night and really enjoyed Edward G. Robinson's uncredited role as "Big Jim" in the film. The print looks amazing from the box set. I have had the gold edition CD for years and love the soundtrack. Tony Randall also makes an uncredited appearance.
This is a very cool BLU RAY set! The films look amazing and there are tons of extras! THANKS to Chris Wolfson for pointing out the HUGE sale!