Saturday, October 28, 2017

Land of the lost

What a crazy busy Saturday!




Sister Theresa

We got a nice ad in SCREEM!

The puppets are enjoying it!

Wally and the Beav are here!

Chiller was chilling Friday! 🎃 Come on out for a photo op Saturday! Puppets won't be here Sunday!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Southwest Airlines

I prefer being home to ✈🛫 Southwest broke a wheel off of my new bag, after a 3 hour delay because of hot weather, and then tell me they are not responsible? #southwestairlines #travel #fly #friendlyskies #midway #johnwayneinternationalairport


☀️ Fall day!

Fats Domino R.I.P.

Mad Magazine page by Paul Coker, Jr.

Some of Paul's recent art he gave me from MAD

Paul Coker, Jr.

Paul Coker, Jr. called me on the way home from picking up books loaded with his artwork!   He also did the cover of my first book twenty years ago!   I had some commission work for him via a good friend, but he said he is not doing commission work anymore.   It was so good to talk to him on this sunny day! #paulcokerjr #madmagazine #rankinbassdesigner

I found the big W!

My Palm Springs trip was great! 🌴

The DJs at The Shag Store in Palm Springs

50th Anniversary

Gary Gonzales (a friend of my pal Mike O' Reilly) brought us a Set of these cool pins in Palm Springs!  Mike gave me the Fang in West Hollywood and I wore it there!  You can get yourself a Set of these at #madmonsterparty #halloween #october #monsters