Saturday, December 22, 2007

FLEXITOON Greetings!

From my pals at

PAUL COKER, JR. Greetings 2007!

SHAG Greetings

Got a nice Christmas card 8 color archival pigment print in the mail today! It is limited to 150 signed and numbered copies. Very cool!

Friday, December 21, 2007

THE KRINGLES wish you the Merriest!

Cool RANKIN/BASS gift items at & GALAXY TOYS



I wish ABC FAMILY had aired the "We Are Santa's Elves" Documentary that is now on the DELUXE EDITION DVD of THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS (Warner Brothers). I had suggested that to them months ago. It only seems fair to give credit to the Producers and RANKIN/BASS cast for supplying ABC FAMILY with hours of entertainment for many years on their 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.

Still shipping out orders.....

If you ordered something from me, it is already in the mail! I am caught up! I will still ship items out this weekend, so feel free to order all you like via EBAY seller ANIMAGIC1 and MISER BROS or direct. E-mail: THANKS for a GREAT season! SEASON'S GREETINGS!


Just got in some FLIGHT OF DRAGONS Collector's DVDs! I also have THE BALLAD OF SMOKEY THE BEAR (1966) w/ the voice of JAMES CAGNEY and THE RED BARON (1972) being mastered right now for an upcoming Collector's DVD. 1964 RUDOLPH DVDs going fast...order soon! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Here are a few other ANIMAGIC figures that survived from a SHIRLEY TEMPLE special/series that was never produced. The ANIMAGIC figures reside in Arthur Rankin's collection.

FROSTY airs again on the networks!

FROSTY THE SNOWMAN continues to get high ratings and aired two times in Prime Time! Why do they keep airing that FROSTY RETURNS???? The only other RANKIN/BASS Special that should be airing with FROSTY is FROSTY'S WINTER WONDERLAND (1976) starring ANDY GRIFFITH.

RANKIN/BASS Wrapping paper at TOYS 'R' US

TOYS 'R' US had EXCLUSIVE RANKIN/BASS FROSTY THE SNOWMAN and RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER wrapping paper this year! I used some of it today to wrap some gifts. The FROSTY art was pulled from the WARNER BROTHERS style guide that Patrick Owsley, Mike Fontanelli and Mark Christianson worked on a few years back.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Just got in more un-cut 1964 RUDOLPH DVDs w/ GE Commercials. Posted a few more DVDs on EBAY including this JACK FROST DVD with Patrick Owsley's art on the cover. Also have Re-mastered WILLY McBEAN & HIS MAGIC MACHINE! E-mail:

MARCO (1970)

Here is another picture of a surviving ANIMAGIC figure or some people call them puppets. It is again, from the collection of ROMEO MULLER and it is one of the tree people from the Live-Action/ANIMAGIC feature film MARCO. The film is out on DVD Letter-boxed and I would highly recommend it for a short scene in ANIMAGIC featuring the song "Peace Berries."


Here is a PAUL COKER, JR. painting/Model sheet he did for a RANKIN/BASS Project/treatment I started in 2001. The Project is called THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR and would star ANDY WILLIAMS & THE OSMONDS (As they appeared in the RANKIN/BASS series). ANDY loved the idea, paintings and called me up to commit to it. This would be done in the ROMEO MULLER traditional RANKIN/BASS style. I was recently asked for help by the OPRAH show as THE OSMONDS made a recent appearance on her show. Donny could not say enough good things about RANKIN/BASS when I interviewed him. I would love to see this RANKIN/BASS special hit the airwaves.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DAVID SHELDON Greetings! My pal David Sheldon did a GREAT gift card line (they are near the registers) for TARGET this Holiday season! David illustrated my CD covers and is well known for his work in READER'S DIGEST, OLD NAVY, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, LOG COMMERCIALS (from REN & STIMPY), etc.


All The Best!

I did a new interview that is featured on Enjoy! This image is a model sheet JACK DAVIS did of KING KONG or IT possibly for MAD MONSTER PARTY (1967). I originally thought it was for THE KING KONG Show, which Jack also designed BUT it in MMP had a slender face like this design. Image courtesy of . This art is on EBAY right now!

Monday, December 17, 2007

This is the DVD to get this season!

I noticed TARGET was selling out of them! It has NESTOR THE LONG-EARED DONKEY and RUDOLPH'S SHINY NEW YEAR on it too! YEAR Re-Mastered and it has the WE ARE SANTA'S ELVES Documentary with ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. and the rest of the cast!


As the Holidays draw near, we want to wish everyone the Happiest of Holidays from the Enchanted World of RANKIN/BASS!


AMAZON didn't order enough books again this year? It says temporarily unavailable BUT they ordered two more cases last night. You can order it directly from me. E-mail me at: OR you can buy through I sign and draw in all orders through there too. I go to the post office every AM so it ships right away. THANKS!


Just posted these sets on EBAY for my Mom. Kevin from says these are very desirable these days. I loved this line! BOB PLANT was behind it and sent me some samples of these just before PLAYING MANTIS went out of business. Glad they returned as ROUND 2!

Robert L. May's 2nd book...

Did you know? In 1954, ROBERT L. MAY wrote a 2nd book about the famous reindeer called RUDOLPH SHINES AGAIN. Not sure why RANKIN/BASS made their 2nd special as RUDOLPH'S SHINY NEW YEAR but that is what they did. MAY and I were the same age when we wrote our RUDOLPH books ironically. AMAZON has been ordering tons of RUDOLPH books from MISER BROS PRESS this year! I guess the AP WIRE article really made people aware of it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The DV Show

I did a few interviews this past Friday and this is one of them. I posted alot of NEWS on the BLOG in the month of look at it all, just click on DECEMBER 2007 to the right and everything will come up. It's the HOLIDAY season! I will post some other RARE stuff as we get closer to the BIG day! Luckily, I am on vacation the week of Christmas this year!


We got hit with about 5-6 inches of RANKIN/BASS snow last night! I was able to dig out. Working hard on getting all of the many orders we are getting right now! Trying to get everything out for Christmas! I posted a TIGER MOUNTAIN PRESS edition of my first book THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO on EBAY that my son Josh found in his collection under seller ANIMAGIC1 today!